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Fashion in the 1950s - 1960s

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brielle richardson

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1950s - 1960s

The American Dream in the 50s By 1956 more people worked in higher-paid, white collar positions
Many worked in large corporations or government agencies.
After WWII the Baby Boom came. - In 1957 was the height of the Baby Boom.
Most Americans in the 1950s had more leisure time than ever before.
People owned more labor saving devices.
Many participated in fishing, bowling, hunting, boating, and golf. Many became Avid Readers.
With more leisure time people invested in televisions, and record players. Background
Information of the 1950s 1950- Disc Jockey Alan Freed was the first to use the term "Rock 'n' Roll" on the air.
1950- Korean war begins
1952- Dwight D Eisenhower is elected president.
1953- Korean War cease fire is signed
1954- USSR opens the first small nuclear plant
1956- Soviets crush uprising in Hungary
1957- Soviets launch Sputnik I.
1958- NASA is established
1959- Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba
1960- John F Kennedy is elected president. Thesis This Project focuses on the History of the 1950s and 1960s and how that history affected the fashion during those times. It also focuses on the icons during those times. Fashion for Women in the1950s The chemise, also known as the "sack" dress, made the biggest fashion statement in the 1950s.
"This type of dress, which looked like a bag, was not popular for long, since the hips and bust were completely hidden."
The hooded dress which was made of a single tube-shaped length of hip-clinging knit was also popular. "Housewives in the 1950s wore shirtwaist dresses (often with pearls), housedresses, slacks, and dungarees. The theme was comfort." Accessories and Makeup Fur stoles and capes were popular.
. Hair was short and usually away form the face.
Women would even sometimes color their hair so that it matched their evening clothes.
"Arched eyebrows and dark lips completed the look."
Makeup was essential in the women's appearance during the 1950s.
" Lips were usually colored fire-engine red. Charles Revson, president of Revlon, said in the 1950s that "most women lead lives of quiet desperation. Cosmetics are a wonderful escape from it--if you play it right."" Brielle Richardson
May 3, 2013
P6 Mad for 60s (Mod Fashion) 1950s 1960s After WWII ended, Many started to turn their attention to their families and jobs. Rock 'N' Roll Alan Freed, a radio disc jockey was one of the first to play music on the radio.
He called the music he played rock 'n' roll - Music that is both black and white - Music that is American.
Richard Penniman, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and His Comets, and Elvis Presley were among the few that made rock 'n' roll popular. Elvis Presley Chuck Berry Men Fashion in the 1950s With The leisure in the 50s happening men's fashion was also leisure as well.
Most of men's youth fashion was a t-shirt and blue jeans symbolizing the spirit of rock 'n' roll and there movie idols like James Dean and Marlon Brando. James Dean Marlon Brando Mens Fashion in the 50s During work most men wore the usual gray flannel suit.
Was a symbol for the businessman's conformity.
Most men also wore the loafer which was the most popular shoe in the U.S.
During this time overalls were becoming popular as well and was considered a more relaxed pant.
Levis Jeans were the most popular jeans.
Had the Famous shrink-to-fit "501" styles of jeans. Pictures Of Makeup and Accessories Fur Stoles Fashion icon for Women in the 1950s History Continued. The 1960s. Fashion in the 1950s for Women. Christian Dior took Fashion by storm during this time where the shape of Dior's fashion's resembled an hourglass shape.
"Career women in the 1950s wore wool suits with slim sheath skirts and straight, short jackets over silk blouses."
Gloves were a must: a woman dressed in a suit always wore them. Hats, too, were essential. Some were large, although most were small pillboxes or berets.
Handbags in made lizard skin were very popular. Woman's shoes were usually high stiletto. Capes Marilyn Monroe was the biggest icon for women during the 1950s.
"Blonde hair, red lips and a beauty spot are synonymous with the Marilyn look."
Her full- figured looks had enormous sex appeal on everyone including designers.
High-street store owners say that the curvy hour-glass figure is quickly replacing stick thin size-zero.
"Outside of the movies, Marilyn favored shades of beige, black and cream, and loved the dazzling simplicity of white. Combined with diamonds, of course."

" Makeup Marilyn Monroe Background History of the 1960s 1960-John F. Kennedy is elected president.
1961-US launches the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
1962- John Glenn becomes the first man to orbit the earth.
1962- The drug thalidomide is pulled from the market for thousands of deaths in Europe.
1963-President Kennedy is assassinated; Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President.
1964- Congress passes the Economic Opportunity Act and Civil Rights Act.
1965- U.S. troops enter Vietnam. 1967- Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American justice of the Supreme Court.
Race riots occur in major U.S. cities.
1968- Richard M. Nixon is elected president.
1968- Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated.
1969- U.S. astronauts walk on the moon. " The 1960s was a decade of revolutionary ideas and actions"
The 60s was a time when the youth would revolt against the previous era's conservative authority figures.
Fashion would then begin to change during the 1960s.
The first half of the century would have more formal clothing as men wore button down shirts and women dressed more conservative like in the 50s.
The second half of the decade was more rebellious as the mini skirt came into style and hot pants Fashion for Men in the 1960s What defined men in the 1960s was their hair style.
Many young men would wear their hair very long.
The Grey colors of suits left and became more bold with bright colors.
Jeans and a white T-shirt were still very popular like in the 50s.
Ties would become wider and have more color. Men in the 1960s Still conservative but with an edge. Ties Mens Hair Long hair More of the "Hippy" look Mary Quant The OLD MOD Look The NEW MOD Look Stockings and Panty Hose Completing the Look Icon Jacqueline Kennedy Icon "Twiggy" Twiggy Antifashion Civil rights Movement, and Women for Equality. YouTube Video
Mary Quant was a self claimed fashion designer.
She opened a Boutique called Bazaar to show new feel of fashion that young women would want.
The boutique was filled with short dresses usually with wild patterns and knee-length jumpers and balloon style dresses.
These dresses soon became very popular to other designers like Barbara Hulanicki and her store Biba which became just as big. The signature "Mod" look was straight-cut dresses that had patterns of combinations of dots and stripes with wide colored ties.
Sally Tuffin and Marian Foale were huge "Mod" designers. Sally Tuffin Marian
Foale "The most influential aspects of the new mod look came from its introduction to the mini."
The skirt had to be above the knee to be considered a miniskirt and soon in 1963 the micro-mini came- only hiding under garments. Mini Micro Mini Stockings started to become big due to legs being more exposed.
The most common stocking for young girls was the fishnet stocking. Warholian pop art designed stockings were big as well.
" The introduction of the panty hose was revolutionary for the way women dressed."
Freed women from the Girdle, and garter belt. Fishnet Girdle Hair was key in completing the mod look.
Hair was usually cut very short in an asymmetric style.
Many kept their long hair look, but some completed the look with a boyish crop.
So women didn't look to boyish makeup was usually heavy.
Heavy black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow with a pale lips was the signature look.
To complete the look women would often wear Mary Janes or short boots. Jacqueline Kennedy was the biggest icon for the first half of this century.
She showed many women that simple was better and that you could still have "good taste"in fashion.
It was "the last of the simplified styles." The women's rights movement gave women more opportunities and freedom, but it also gave more freedom with how women want to dress.
Jacqueline Kennedy was of the past and British model Twiggy became a fresh face for women, and many started to idolize her. Born (Lesley Hornby),Twiggy became an international icon.
She had the typical Mod look with her dark eyes and boyish look.
"Her slender figure was a major break from earlier versions of femininity."
But with her influence it is also said that it brought forth eating disorders in younger women, because of her 91 lbs frame. Of course with fashion came Antifashion.
" The hippies were an important influence in spreading a general sentiment of "Antifashion"."
Clothing such as second hand clothing, torn jeans, dirty shirts, unkempt hair, and also clothing from non-Western cultures is usually what the "hippy" looked like In 1964 the Civil Rights act was passed, Giving African Americans more freedom and equality.
Women started to call out about how they wanted equality as well and finally the Civil Rights act amended the protection of the rights women.
The birth control pill was big as well as it was improved which gave women control of themselves but also their bodies.
With these changes America was changing, and with more freedom it not only affected the lives of people but their fashion as well.
Fashion in the 60s was all about freedom and change. Quiz Who claimed the term rock "n" roll. A. Alan Freed B. Chuck Berry C. Richard Penniman Who was the fashion icon for the 1950s? What defined men's fashion in the 1960s? Who were the fashion icons during the 1960s Who was the famous fashion designer for the 1950s? A. Christian Dior B. Mary Quant What body figures were famous in the 1950s and 60s? What were one of the men's fashion icons? Who symbolized "Antifashion"
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