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How to Identify a Theme in Four steps

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Jorge Estrada

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of How to Identify a Theme in Four steps

By: Jackie Avila and Jorge Estrada The Four Steps TO Identify A Theme Things to know beforehand: Step 4: Make a Generalization A theme is a writer's expression of his or her understanding about human nature or an understanding about the world. Analyzing the main character is an important part of discovering the theme. List the physical and non-physical attributes of the main character. Decide if you are supposed to identify with the main character or if the MC is someone you don't want to be. (or shouldn't be). Step 1: Understand the MAin Character The conflict in a story always involves the MC. the conflict can be between the MC and another, society or some force of nature, or within the main character himself. Figure out specifically who or what the main character is struggling against in the story. Step 2: Identify the conflict The Resolution of a story can give the reader a big clue as to the theme of a story. Who wins the conflict is the writer's way of telling you which force is better. If an evil main character, one you wouldn't admire, wins out of some force of nature, the theme will have a negative slant. Step 3: Know How the Conflict is Resolved look at the main character, his conflict and how it was resolved to determine the theme of the story. Start by understanding what the main character learned in the story. Then generalize that lesson to apply to everyone. A theme is not stated out right, it is a message that is comprehended upon reflection. Before you try to locate the theme of a novel, you must have first read the novel and understand at least the basics about plot and characterization. Step 1: Hunters In The Snow Physical Characteristics: Non-Physical Characteristics: chubby loving low stamina peaceful sensitive feelings adapted to bullied life thinks instinctively helpful reasonable Step 2: Hunters in the snow It seems like Tub and Frank both used to be bullied by Kenny, but over time Frank was sick of getting bullied so he joined Kenny in bullying Tub, in order to avoid getting bullied by Kenny. So the conflict could be that Tub has lost a friend. Step 3:Hunters in The Snow Since the main character in this story is a good person and he solved the conflict, that shows me that the theme will have a positive slant.

The way he solved the conflict is because kenny was shot, he was put in the trunk of the truck and that gave Tub and Frank some time to bond and talk about the problems that they have had. Step 4: Hunters in the Snow One thing that Tub learned is that Frank is a much better friend when Kenny isn't around. When Kenny was shot it brought Tub and Frank closer, because they really needed to get their "friend" to the hospital. After they both realized that they were happier without Kenny then they didn't really seem to care about getting Kenny to safety. After looking at this one can come to the conclusion that the theme of this story is, it takes something tragic to happen to bring real friends closer. There can be more than one theme in a story.
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