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Creative Entrepreneur

No description

Jared Foster

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Creative Entrepreneur

Why Facebook?
It's one big party!

What you'll learn today
How to use social media
What we do
Who we are
How to gain a following
How to transform your business
How to
transform yourself
First of all we...
Integrate your brand
Create a "voice" for your brand
Kim Robinson
Jared Foster
Help you define your brand
Certified Life and Business Coach/Consultant
Spiritual Counselor
Former Escrow Officer of 13 years, generating $2M annually
Certified through Dream Life Academy, Coaching Cognition & The Academy of Online Business
20 years of experience in business
Business Creator
Marketing Expert
Experience in training programs, management, marketing/advertising, and sales/customer relationship management.
Where we've been
"The Key to change...
is to let go of fear."
-Rosanne Cash

What is an imaginal cell?
How we transform your business
Re-define your Brand
Revolutionize your Marketing
Your brand is your promise to
you customers.

Your marketing determines
how many people see and
interact with that brand.
one big
crazy party
Let's talk about
The Basics of
Sammy's Famous
Pastrami Sandwiches

How do you
reach your

oh right...
It's important
that you stand out
Here's how you can
Step 1: Login to Pagemodo by signing in with Facebook

Step 7: Now you are ready to publish

Step 6: Choose and load photos for your cover

Step 5: Pick the theme for your cover photo

Step 4: Click the theme you want for your cover photo

Step 3: Pick the page you want to design

Step 2: Click on New Cover

Facebook cover photo design and setup:

Step 10: Click the tab and now Pinterest is in your Facebook page

Step 9: Then your Pinterest Tab is ready to go

Step 8: In this case we are using Pinterest,
enter your user name to Pinterest

Step 7: Now you are ready to edit your tab

Nice Job!
Next Step...
Step 6: Click on create a new tab

Step 5: Getting ready to create your Tab on FB

Step 4: Click on Static Tab

Step 3: This will bring to your back office.

Step 2: Sign in via Facebook or your email

Step 1: Go to Woobox.com

Facebook tab design and setup:

Pretty easy right??
What is...
Image Organizer
It's pretty fun...
Let's talk about...
Video will help separate
you from other
business owners
You can also use it to
work with your team
and hangout with your

Step 3: Getting ready to start your hangout

Step 2: Click on drop down
and click on hangout

Step 1: Login to Google+

Time to check out
Google hangout

You can also use
it for your
Vision Board
Step 7: Invite who you want to hangout with.

Step 6: Or you can start your hangout right
away by clicking start a video hangout

Step 5: Here you can setup an event or go live now.
Also from here you can let people know about your hang out

Step 4: Click on schedule hangout

photo courtesy: of the 90dayentrepreneur group on pinterest
Constantly getting your
brand and your message
in front of people
is important.
Let's look at...
photo courtesy: of the James Wedmore on pinterest
photo courtesy: of the 90dayentrepreneur group on pinterest
Melanie Duncan
Pinterest Guru
Mari Smith
Facebook Guru
photo courtesy: of the 90dayentrepreneur group on pinterest
Some of your business
can come from other
business owners
Let's look at....
Connecting with other
business owners could
open new doors and
business opportunities!
It seems as if
we're out of time...
Let's show you a
little bit of...
Now that you know
what lies ahead...
What path
will you take?
Prezi by:
Crushpath allows for mass sales
communication and connectivity
and can be applied
to any business
While they might not be household names, they’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create successful businesses for people much like yourselves.
Your hosts...
Like most entrepreneurs, we struggled at first trying to find the perfect clients, the perfect marketing message, the perfect what do you do statement. We spent countless hours and lots of money, but had few good results.
Then we had a genius idea!
Hunter Douglas
Elite Basic - $895

Market Strategy
Establish targeted, goal-driven marketing tactics in the areas of marketing, customer acquisition and customer loyalty to yield the highest return.

Social Media Coaching Session
What are your most pressing social media concerns and questions? 45 minute social media coaching session.

Membership To Creative Entrepreneur Secret Facebook
GroupProvides access to all the latest innovative, creative marketing techniques, coaching tips and entrepreneur support
Elite Premium - $1,700

The Elite Premium program includes everything from the Basic program plus the following…

Brand Strategy
Determine your desired company image to guide all phases of the development process.

Sales Effectiveness
AnalysisIdentify customized, strategic solutions and operational improvements to boost company effectiveness and sales.

Social Media StrategyDevelop
a social media marketing strategy to yield the highest return in your marketing campaigns.

Elite Master - $3,000

The Elite Premium program includes everything from the Basic and Premium programs plus the following…

Customer Acquisition Planning
Shape marketing programs to guide your customer acquisition efforts through direct engagement, interaction and viral exposure.

Customer Loyalty PlanningDevelop
winning strategies by building strong relationships between customers and your brand.

Script/Story Planning
talented directors shape your raw thoughts into an effective story in preparation for the development phase for your company presentations.
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