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Chicago Style

No description

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Chicago Style

When using Chicago Style, don't forget to include a title page with 1.) the title of your paper, 2.) your name, 3.) title of the course, 4.) the instructor's name, and 5.) the date the paper is due.
The Title Page
Here's a Sample Footnote/Endnote
1. David Boroff, "A Little Milk, a Little Honey," in
Portrait of America.Volume II: From Reconstruction to the Present
, 9th ed., ed. Stephen B. Oates and Charles J. Errico (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007), 75.
Footnotes/Endnotes help the reader to see what information was taken from an outside source.
brought to you by
The Communications Center
Chicago Style
Don't forget a Bibliography at the end of your paper.
First, you will have a number in the text of your paper...
Then, you will have a note corresponding to that number either at the bottom of the page or at the end of document.
1. Author. "Title of Section/Work," in
Title of Book
, edition, editors (City of Publication: Publisher, Date), page number quote/paraphrase found on.
of America. Volume II: From Reconstruction to the Present
, edited by Stephen B. Oates and Charles J. Errico, 9th ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007. 66-78.

Title of Book
, edited by. City of Publication: Publisher, Date. Page numbers.
Boroff, David. "A Little Milk, a Little Honey." in
Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. "Title of Work/
All pictures came from the Diana Hacker Sample available online.
Still need help with Chicago Style? Visit the Communications Center in BACA 207!
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