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college baseball and visa

No description


on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of college baseball and visa

college baseball and visa
The reason i chose to do 25% off of their ticket purchase instead of any other is because i felt like 25% off of their tickets would bring in more people to buy with their visa card. It would also bring people to visa. I chose the slogan "The best deal in college baseball history" because it shows how great of a deal it is and how they should really invest in a visa card.
Magazine ad
*use your visa card at all college baseball games when buying food, drinks, sports wear, etc, beacuse visa is the #1 card of the NCAA*
The reason I chose to make visa the #1 card is because I felt like it would bring in alot of people to get the visa card and it would bring visa alot more profit. The reason I chose the slogan to be "The best card of the NCAA" is because it was really emphisising to the people that it is a really good card.
*use your visa card when buying college baseball tickets and recieve 25% off your ticket purchase*
Magazine ad
College Baseball

"The best card of the NCAA"
"The best deal in college baseball history"
Promotion #1
Wear your favorite players jersey to the game and recieve a free 25$ visa gift card.
Promotion #3
Promotion #2
Visa will bring a bunch of shirts and the shirt cannon and then it will throw the shirts up in the stands and people will see in the visa shirt a 5 dollar visa gift card and a note telling them to get a visa credit card
Make a commercial of a bunch of different baseball players in a store buying sunflower seeds and gatorade before a game. They get up to the register and one hands the cashier their visa card and the cashier says "what kind of card is this?" And one basebal players says the best card o NCAA. Get one today.
*We will have lots of people seeing visa's logo and different visa things at baseball games because we are premoting more than other companies.
*We are the best card of the NCAA
*Not many baseball fans and players would get a visa card
*Potiental competition from other credit card companies

*Other companies could be doing the same things
*People wont notice the signs and stuff at the games
* We could get a banner to put up outside and inside the stadium about visa.

*We could get visa cups with gatorade or water and give to the players
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