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Problem Solution Presentation-Concussion Prevention

No description

sarah fritz

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Problem Solution Presentation-Concussion Prevention

By Sarah Fritz
Concussion Prevention in High School Athletes
Statistics about Concussions
A study in 2011 of 20 high schools showed that concussions accounted for 20% of all injuries. (Meehan)
A clinical syndrome characterized by immediate and transient post traumatic impairment of neural function, such as alteration of consciousness and disturbance of vision or equilibrium due to brain-stem involvement. (Powell)
There are not enough preventative measures taken to reduce the number of concussions in high school athletes, especially soccer players.
A simple solution to this potentially life altering injury would be to mandate all athletes involved in contact sports wear protective head gear. Several companies produce concussion prevention headbands, through research I have found that the Full90 is the most effective while still having a low profile. These two factors make this particular model the most appealing to players, coaches, and parents.
There are an estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million sport related concussions every year. (Halstead)
Powell, John W., PhD, ATC, and Kim D. Barber-Foss, MS, ATC. "Traumatic Brain Injury in High School Athletes." JAMA. Journal of the American
Medical Association, 8 Sept. 1999. Web. 17 Jan. 2013.
From 2001 to 2005, about 502,000 emergency visits came from concussions in children. (Halstead)
* not all concussion victims visit the emergency room
Rebuttal 1:
Purchasing a Full90 headgear for all Washburn Rural High School athletes will cost too much.
Argument 1:
While the cost per Full90 is $24.95, the company offers a discount for large orders. Another thing to think about is, high school is supposed to prepare students for the real world. Why would you want to allow a preventable injury to limit a student from their full potential?
Full90 will offer our school a 25% discount on head guards. (Killeen)
Argument 2:
Rebuttal 2:
Argument 3:
Rebuttal 3:
Soccer Concussion Statistics
85% of sports concussions are not diagnosed. (ACSM)
Concussions are the 3rd most frequent reported injury in women's soccer games
6% of the "severe" reported injuries (where players were out for 10 or more days) for women were concussions
50% of incoming college soccer players have already been concussed
Even individuals with Grade 1 concussions experience the symptoms illustrated below. These symptoms may intensify in more severe concussions
About Full90
Founded in 2002, Full90 Sports Inc. Is a global soccer company support soccer players of all ages and skill levels
Full90 is the largest manufacturer of soccer headguards. Its Full90 Performance Headguard is used worldwide and offers protection without changing the way soccer players play the game.
Would the school be responsible for purchasing new Full90 head guards every year?
No, just like uniforms, football pads, and batting helmets the head guards will be checked in at the end of each season and sanitized. The same schedule for purchasing new uniforms will coincide with buying new head guards.
Do head guards prevent concussions?
Yes, in the only peer reviewed field study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine in July 2007, Dr. Scott Delaney found that players
wearing protective headgear are 2.65 times more likely to receive a concussion. (Delaney)
Meehan WP, d'Hemecourt P, Collins C, Comstock RD, Assessment and Management of Sport-Related Concussions in United States High Schools.
Am. J. Sports Med. 2011;20(10)(published online on October 3, 2011 ahead of print) as dol:10.1177/0363546511423503 (accessed
October 3, 2011).
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