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Lawrence Anthony

Life of Lawrence Anthony

Frank Landymore

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Lawrence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony Lawrence Anthony is from and born in Karnataka State in 1954. His father died before Lawrence was born. Essential Questions Why do people leave everything that is familiar to them to come to a new place?
Lawrence and his mom moved with both push and pull factor. They had to leave because they couldn't earn enough money there. His mom saw an oppurtunity in Delhi and they came here. So people leave everything familiar because they need to earn money and support themselves and have no alternative. Timeline
Lawrence left Delhi when he was just 1 year old because his mom needed a job. " Why do I like Delhi? I work in Delhi, I got a nice house in Delhi, I have a wife in Delhi, my children were born in Delhi. *Makes a weird noise* You know. " Lawrence's mom became a housekeeper Lawrence studied up to 10th grade Lawrence became a cook Lawrence stopped cooking and became an official driver in 1972 Lawrence gets married Lawrence now drives for our family Lawrence Anthony was born in 1954 in Karnataka State. He didn't mention month or year. Unfortunatly his father died before Lawrence's birth. His mother needed a better paying job so when Lawrence was just 1 he and his mom moved to Delhi. Lawrence did not mention any siblings. When they arrived at Delhi, his mom soon got a job as a housekeeper. Lawrence eventually gained an interest in cars and driving, he thought driving looked fun. But instead after he finished 10th grade, he dropped out of school and became a cook. But he soon grew tired of cooking and really wanted to become a driver. He got married and then became a driver in 1972. Lawrence did not want to tell anymore of his life but he works as our driver now. Reflection What are the positive and negative impacts of migration? One of the positive things is that Lawrence was able to earn a living and he got married.

But in Lawrence's point of view there was probably not much of a negative impact because he moved when he was very little and he probably didn't understand what was going on. Well at least from Lawrence's point of view. For his mom it must've been terrible because his father died in Karnataka and they left the place where he was buried. Me: "Do you you ever go back to your village? Do you still have families there?" Lawrence: By Frank Landymore
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