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Mineral Depletion

No description

Taylor Pennington

on 25 July 2017

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Transcript of Mineral Depletion

Energy and Resource Depletion and Why it Should be the Major Concern of the Population
Essential to all life on earth. The polluted water will destroy the ecosystems only causing more problems. The quality of the water is crucial.
The water goes through the hydrological cycle. This is when water gets evaporated and is then precipitated on to land. The water is kept in the ground known as groundwater. Not all of the water is absorbed and some be run off which means it will go back into the ocean or stay on land. That remaining run off pollutes the ecosystems.
No surprise, humans are part of the reason why our waters are polluted. The other reasons for pollution are industrial, municipal, and agricultural.
Mineral Depletion: Element Overview
Phosphorus is a rapidly used mineral that is essential for plant growth. Scientist predict it could be depleted in the next 50-100 years.
Minerals like Scandium and terbium are used in everyday appliances but are two rare Earth minerals.
Uses for Energy by Humanity
An Environment Without Minerals
Humans use energy for many day-to-day purposes and tasks such as heating or cooling their homes, preparing and saving food items, and basic entertainment uses
Energy and electricity is also used by many scientists, engineers, and inventors to advance human knowledge and understanding of the environment around them
The use of this electricity is also being utilized to help create greener energy, making it renewable, clean, and cheap
Elements such as chromium, zinc, copper and others are predicted to hit a maximum production rate, followed by a massive decline within this century.
The minerals used in everyday appliances are running thin, which effects humans. The depletion of minerals such as Phosphorus effects the soil and plants that rely on it.
Finite minerals have been rapidly obtained, decreasing their concentration of resources.
Mineral Depletion & Plants
Agriculture relies on nutrients in soil to nourish and grow. Plants remove nutrients and minerals from soil.
Without proper nutrients and minerals in soil, plants will cease to grow, crops will die.
Effects environment and the economy.
Current Sources of Energy and Their Main Pros and Cons
Fossil Fuels
Pros: Easy to use and obtain, initially a large source
Cons: Being depleted at extremely high rates, produces toxic gases and chemicals when used like carbon and sulfur dioxides
Nuclear Energy
Pros: Efficient, long lasting, fuel is plentiful, and is safe if done correctly
Cons: Waste produced after eventual "death" of fuel is radioactive and very toxic to all types of life, and if done incorrectly or neglected, can cause a nuclear meltdown destroying all environments within at least a 50 mile radius and making it unlivable
Renewable "Green" Energy
Pros: Clean, completely renewable, and most do not harm the environment at all, effective
Cons: Not efficient yet, still trying to get off the ground, major corporations of fossil fuels standing in the way of further development, and produces too little to be taken very seriously yet

Main Problems With Loss of Energy in the World
The problem is that a large portion the worlds population currently uses energy, and this absence of energy leads to a lack of advancement of knowledge as without electricity, humans cannot use the machines we have developed to research topics further and document them, essentially sending us back to the renaissance era of technology, but without the ability to move on past that. We use technology as a crutch to keep humanity moving forward, and without it, most or all movement would cease.

By: Taylor Pennington, Andy Temes, and Portia Valadez
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