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Energy for a Smart City

The energy industry is change at a rapid rate which opens opportunities for innovation. This presentation was prepare for the Lunaticks Society of Newcastle event on Smart and Innovative Cities

James Giblin

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Energy for a Smart City

Energy for a Smart City
The Old Guard
Technology is Changing
Technology is Changing
Big Numbers
$400 Billion worldwide smart grid market in 2020.

$43 Billion -U.S smart grid this year.

$43.1Billion - electricity sales in Australia in 2007-08.

New technologies
New business model

Customer Centric Model
Anyone can be a Power Station
* Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery - 30kW
Why Energy?
cause it's important
Very Important
Climate Change
Energy Resilience
Economic Gr wth
New York City
improved the energy efficiency of the existing housing stock within its area by 30%
installed 81 private wire decentralised energy systems,
10% of the UK’s total installed solar energy photovoltaics
the first fuel cell CHP in the UK
reduced CO2 emissions by 77.5%
target to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030
trigeneration to deliver 70% of the City’s electricity requirements by 2030
1 MW of Solar PV installed
20MW of Solar PV installed
Help to develop offshore 700 MW Wind Farm
Energy Efficiency Standards

All transport for 2008 Olympics were electric
China plans to ban coal use in Beijing by 2020

Newcastle is a world leading an energy research hub

Smart Grid Smart City was an $100M Federal Government Funded trial hosted in Newcastle. The data and reports from the trail can be found at https://ich.smartgridsmartcity.com.au/
CSIRO Energy Flagship is based in Newcastle. recently to broke the record for steam generation from solar.
UoN had two finalist in the 2010 New Inventors for Solar Paint and technology platform for low grade heat.
Google purchase Nest for $3.2Bn in June 2014
Welcome to the Revolution
The Revolution it Happening
95% of NSW residential and small business electricity customer are supplied by 3 retailers
The newest Coal Fire Generator in NSW is 20 years old
The oldest operational generator was built in 1963
in size
in cost
Smart Grid Market to Surpass $400 Billion Worldwide by 2020. *GTM Research
In 2014, the U.S. smart grid market is projected to be worth around 43 billion U.S. dollars. http://www.statista.com/topics/1125/smart-grids/
$43.1Billion - electricity sales in Australia in 2007-08
CSIRO HVAC optimisation technology commercialised with Building IQ in 2009

Technology evaluation by Argonne National Laboratory reported “45% energy savings with minimal impact on comfort conditions”

BuildingIQ have agreement with NV Energy to target 12.1 GWh pa energy savings

Award winning technology.
Data sources:
Client confort
Energy Prices
Weather forecasts
Plant preformance
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