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It's Not the end of the World By: Judy Blume

My Book Report

Jasmine Ferdowsian

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of It's Not the end of the World By: Judy Blume

By: Judy Blume It's Not The End of the World Characters In the book It's not the end of the World, There
are lots of characters. The first character is Karen.
Karen is a 12 year old girl who's best friend is
Debbie. Karen and Debbie have conflicts because Debbie is in love with Karen's older brother, Jeff. Jeff is a moody teenager who thinks he's better than every one. Jeff has a girlfriend named Mary Louise. Jeff has anger issues and has a temper. Also, There's Amy. She's a fun, spunky 6 year old that loves telling jokes. Then, the parents. Ellie and Bill get in huge fights and have caused a painful divorce. Bill doesn't care about being home for dinner and Ellie Has to do all the work. Last, is Garfa. Garfa is Karen's grandpa and he helps Karen through lots of trouble. They send letters to each other so they can communicate because Garfa lives in Las Vegas. These characters are very close. Setting The setting of this book is New York.
The dad lives in a apartment that's
in the middle of all the action. The kids
and the mom live in a house that's not in
the action. Also, They go to lots of
restaurants as a family. Last is, They
hang round the neighborhood. Plot In the beginning of this book the family has
huge fights and can't even look at each other. Then,
In the middle, the kids are torn. Should they go with
their mom or there dad? Also, The kids are all depressed because of the divorce. Then, Jeff runs away and is found within 1 week. Last, The kids can finally live and smile. This book had many problems that got solved. Opinion

My personal opinion of this book
is that is was amazing! I give it a 4 out of 5 stars because you really connect with the characters.
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