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The Tell-Tale Heart - Characterisation and tension

S3 Lesson 5 - SE1B

Jenna Hall

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Tell-Tale Heart - Characterisation and tension

The Tell-Tale Heart Our challenge for today:
Short story conventions
Characterisation - how are their personalities conveyed?
Tension - how is it built? What next?:
After we finish exploring 'The Tell-Tale Heart', we will read another Gothic story and this time we will focus on setting. Story re-cap - order the sentences GUILT Being haunted by the past Psychological terror & madness Physical danger Body parts FEAR Death and disfiguration Focus on paragraph 3:
Comment on the way the narrator talks to the reader directly in the first three sentences of the paragraph. Why does he do that?
Comment on the pace of the next sentences – slow or fast – why?
Look at the way he says he killed him – very matter of fact. What is the effect of this?
What is the purpose of the dashes?
Why does he repeat himself so much? How does the writer let us know that this is an unreliable narrator telling the story?
What tone of voice do you imagine the narrator to use? What makes you think this?
Why isn’t the narrator’s name ever revealed? Characterisation:
Physical appearances
Actions Tension:
What is happening in the story?
Where is it happening?
When is it happening?

How does this build tension? The Structure and Conventions of a Short Story
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