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Important Geographis Ideas (IGI's)

Geographic ideas help geographers give meaning to Geography. They may be used to explain simple relationships in the environment which we observe or they may be combined to help us understand more complex relationships.

janey nolan

on 1 November 2010

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Transcript of Important Geographis Ideas (IGI's)

Location, distance and Accessibility Change Culture and perception Patterns, processes and regions Systems Interaction Change
Change is a normal process in both natural and cultural environments. Changes occur in different places at different times and rates. Some are predictable while others are not. people's activities can produce change just as one change may lead to others Location, Distance and Accessibility
The location of a feature in the environment may be expressed in different ways. Distance may be measured in terms of length, time or cost. Location and distance may be an advantage or a constraint. Interaction
Interaction takes place in both natural and cultural environments. Interaction takes place at different scales with varying degrees of intensity and complexity to establish patterns in particular places. landscapes are the visible products of interaction in the environment. Culture and Perception
people living in groups develop a common way of life or culture. The values and ideas of people's culture influence the way in which they precieve and use their environment. These perceptions may change over time. Change
Culture and perception
Location, distance and accessibilty
Patterns, processes and regions
Systems Patterns, Processes and Regions
A range of natural and cultural processes operate in an environment. Processes vary in time, in space and in scale. processes produce patterns; some processes encourage concentration, some encourage dispersal. The surface of the earth may be divided into regions. Charlie Chaplin's LIPS Systems
The environment may be viewed as an interacting system with subsystems composed of natural and cultural features and processes. The system is made dynamic by its inputs, throughputs (processes) and outputs of enegy, material and ideas.
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