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Ice Bangles

No description

Mahnoor Tariq

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Ice Bangles

This is how I should be,
To bad it isn't me.
My skin color is not
The content of my character,
Discussion Questions
How would it feel to be in Fatimeh's shoes?
The story takes place in a small state of Pakistan, called Kashmir where Naila is invited for her brother's wedding.
In the excerpt of the story "Ice Bangles", the author uses the element of characterization to portray the theme of the story. The groom's family is very judgemental against the bride due to her skin colour displaying prejudice and discrimination. The family is clouded by cultural stereotype, not seeing past her dark complexion. In the end, Naila approves of the bride, casting a light on Fatimeh's true personality.
Review of Ice Bangles
The perspective being used in this story is ‘Third Person Omniscient’. This is because the narrator uses “he”, “she”, or “they” to describe the actions of the characters while stating some of the character's feelings and emotions.
Ice Bangles
Literary Devices
Social Issues
In ‘Ice Bangles’, there are multiple of social issues that are being discussed throughout the story. It includes racism, beauty, and discrimination.
Thank You
Judging on the information
You do not know,
Basing the color of my skin

On my personality
And heart.
Not taking the time
To get to know me,
Instead you judge
To quickly,
Saying because I am
Or White.
Being black
Does not decide my heart.
Being brown
Does not make up my mind.
Being white
Does not determine who I am inside.
To know me
You have to learn me,
For my skin is apart of me
But it is not everything
Of who I am.

Do not be surprised
When you see
That I don't let the color of my skin
Determine who I am,
For who I am
Is who I decide to be.
How Does it Relate?
The poem is about discrimination and judgement against the colour of one's skin. It relates to this story because the short story is solemnly based on judgement due to skin colour. Fatimeh was disapproved by Naila's family due to her looks, not her personality.
There is awkward atmosphere created when Naila first encounters with Fatimeh. This was created because Naila was upset at the fact that Fatimeh was going to become the sister-in-law of the family and that there were people around her waiting for her opinion and wanting to overhear her. Naila knew that this approval was basically made because of Fatimeh 'a skin tone.

There was also a more relaxed atmosphere created when Fatimeh and Naila had their first conversation. This conversation made Naila have second thoughts on naila. She got to know about Fatimehs personality and traits .


I believe Naila is a character that judges really quickly. This is because she was against her brother getting married to Fatimeh due to her complexion. Others may think he judges really quickly because of the fact that her parents are getting her brother married to Fatimeh just because of her influential grand father . Naila is a round character.

I believe Fatimeh is a character that is very open, and accepting. Fatimeh accepts the fact that she has a dark complexion and knows that society takes her complexion as her weakness, but ignores the fact and does not let herself down. She is a character that never thinks negative "your fair brother marrying such a dark women?" "Wait till you see me dressed up." Naila is a round character
Although this story doesn't remind me of any story or movie, the theme and plot of this excerpt relates to the Pakistani T.V. industry.

All T.V. shows and commercials shown on Pakistani T.V. display an indirect message:

"Having fair skin makes you more beautiful."
“They danced in a semi-circle on the wooden dais. The plates of henna paste studded with burning candles dipped and twirled in them.”
- The author used descriptive language in the beginning of the story to create ‘imagery’ and also to reel the reader in.
By: Razmeh, Yusra, Shazia, and Mahnoor
The title "Ice Bangles", in my opinion, is referring to how Naila's gender and social status imprisons her to a certain role that must be played while she is in Pakistan. Like her bangles have frozen her to a certain way of acting, even if she doesn't want to behave in that way. Also, she moves to Canada in the book, which could be the reason for the word "ice".
Naila is summoned back home to Pakistan from Canada to attend her brothers wedding. Upon arriving, she realizes that her family disapproves of the bride, who is over-aged and dark-skinned, which is quite a contrast to what Naila's northern, light-skinned family prefers. After actually meeting the bride Fatimeh herself, Naila decides she likes her for her personality and wit, and approves of her coming into the family, despite her complexion.
The conflict in this story's excerpt is simply the discrimination that Naila's family holds for the bride with darker skin than themselves. I think the overall conflict would be the social divisions that Naila was unaware of before in Pakistan, and how living in Canada has helped her see that. Fatimeh's effort into making herself look extra beautiful on the wedding day eventually won her the approval of the rest of the family and they decided to let go of the fact that she was dark-skinned. I think the groom should have done more to defend his bride but it was Naila doing the defending. Either way the conflict was resolved, though.
I think the tone of the story is moderately happy, what with the wedding mood and newly formed friendship between Naila and Fatimeh. The tone does get a little angry/tense when Naila's older sister challenges and insults Fatimeh and when Naila's family disapproves of Fatimeh, but other than that the tone is mostly happy and peaceful.
“The official stamp of approval spread like a ripple around the sea of people”
- This would be considered a simile because it’s describing something using “like” or “as”.

“hopelessly tangled in a subtle web of discrimination”
- This was used in the story as a direct comparison not using like or as, which is also known as a metaphor.

Racism has always been a huge social issue in society till today- by judging people by how they look, what their race is, ect. Beauty has a big part in this story since Fatimeh was considered to be not as pretty, since she didn’t have ‘fair’ skin.

This ties up to media because Pakistani media does actually portray the fact that women with lighter complexions are much more prettier. Discrimination against the complexion of your skin is downright horrible, and the author sends that message out to her readers through the story that it doesn’t matter what complexion you are- it’s how you act is what's important and determines your true self.
In this presentation, you see two different perspectives from our group. Which one do you think is right in this story?
There are many social issues being discussed. What's one of them?
"Don't judge a book by is cover."
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