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PPT Stress.

No description

Clara Peters

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of PPT Stress.

Types of stress
Stress is the body's instinctive from external environmental cues or ones from our inner thoughts and feelings. There are 7 types of stress. They are:
Physical stress: Intense exertion, manual labor, lack of sleep, travel
Chemical stress: Drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine
Mental stress: Perfectionism, worry, anxiety, long work hours
Emotional stress: Anger, guilt, loneliness, sadness and fear
Nutritional stress: Food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiency
Traumatic stress: Injuries/burns, surgery, illness and infections
Psycho- spiritual stress: Troubled relationships, financial/career pressures, and challenges with life goals.

Symptoms of stress
Cognitive symptoms are: memory problems, problems concentrating, poor judgment, pessimist, anxious/racing thoughts, and constant worrying.
Physical symptoms are: aches/pains, nausea/dizziness, chest pains/rapid heartbeat, and frequent colds.
Emotional symptoms: moodiness, short temper, overwhelmed feeling, sense of loneliness, and depression or unhappiness
Behavioral symptoms: eating more/less, sleeping too much/too little, procrastinating, using alcohol cigarettes or drugs to relax, nervous habits.

Internal & External sources
Internal causes of stress could be if you are a pessimism, negative self-talk, or your inability to accept uncertainty. Other internal stress causes could be someone who tries to be a perfectionist or having unreal expectations. External cause of stress could vary from dramatic life changes, work or even a relationship. Financial problems, just being overly busy and even children and family can cause someone to stress.
What is Stress
The google definition of stress is "The pressure or tension exerted on a material object". Stress can be anything that is a challenge or seems like a threat to our well being would be considered stress.
Something that causes stress, is known as a "stressors". Stressors are usually negative like having too much homework or worrying about a Socials test. Something else that would be seen as a stressor would be planning a wedding because it causes you to put a high demand of your focus in to one thing.
What are causes of stress
How to reduce stress
You can reduce your stress by how you manage it. You can change the way you think about the situation and just generally taking care of yourself. Another way would be to learn how to relax a little. To relax you can take yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises.
Stress can effect everyone differently. It depends on how the person deals with it or how stressed they are. If someone is severely stressed and try's to cope by smoking cigarettes that would damage their health. Which could lead to cancer and that would be a long term effect. A short term effect could be problems learning and memory troubles.
Effects of stress
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