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AP & Honors Options

No description

Todd Herd

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of AP & Honors Options

Challenges are good for you!
AP & Honors Options
What is different ?
Who Fits?
Challenge leads to growth
Faster Pace
Successful Honors and AP students share certain traits ...
Make sure "the fit" is right for you, a
student must want a tough challenge
Direct connection between AP courses and greater academic growth
AP success demonstrates to colleges that you are ready
AP prepares you for greater success after admitted to college
AP success leads to increased college admissions
Likelihood of graduation from college doubles after just one AP class, triples after two
Honors Courses are the best preparation for later AP courses
AP exam scores can earn college credit at your future college
Greater Depth
College Level
Tasks and Material
More Demanding Workload
Greater Intellectual challenge
More Independently Directed Learning
Testing Intensive Grading
Class atmosphere can be more focused than in other classes
More self directed critical analysis
Willingly take on challenges
Excellent self management
Demonstrate Initiative
Pay close attention to detail
Handle multi-faceted projects well
Have strong listening skills
Very strong readers and writers
Enjoy participation in discussion
Enjoy the analytical process
Want to develop skills that ensure future success as a higher priority than a specific grade
Willingly invest extra time and effort
Students are encouraged to take the most rigorous schedule they can successfully complete ...
...While also maintaining a satisfying balance with extracurriculars and personal life
If your grades are the most important thing to you, don't take Honors or AP ...
... You take these classes to improve your academic skills as priority #1
There is no trial period to see how you like it. You are enrolled for the entire school year.
Your best bet is to closely match your personality to the profile for success.
Carefully read the CSP link for course expectations, before you make your final choice.
Proactively seeks assistance and
teacher input when needed
Care should be taken if this will be your first Honors/AP experience or you are new to this school district (we have a very rigorous reputation and record).
Issaquah High School
Nobody can make this a safe choice for you
because any growth requires a temporary
loss of security.
and you do your best knowing the grades will take care of themselves and the teachers will help when needed
Forcing the wrong personality
here leads to
stress and anxiety
For the right student, AP and Honors
are the right way to grow and succeed!
Language Arts
Social Studies
World Language
Honors Lit & Comp 1
Honors Lit & Comp 2
AP English 11
AP English 12
Honors World History
AP European History
AP Human Geography
AP US History
AP US Government
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Sci
AP Physics
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
French AP & CHS
Spanish AP & Hon
Japanese CHS

AP Computer Science
AP Studio Art
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