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five themes of geography

No description

Bhavisha Solanki

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of five themes of geography

U.S.A./Florida 1. LOCATION 2. PLACE 3. HUMAN/ENVIRONMENT INTERACTIONS 4. MOVEMENT Depend on the Environment: In agriculture Florida leads the southeast in farm income
Hot weather- use swamp cooler type of air conditioning.
Water- Build bridges for traffic and transportation 5. Regions The Five Themes of
Many people who live there are Hispanic, such as Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Dominican. We are Dominican!!! It is located in the northern hemisphere and the western hemisphere Longitude- 80 degrees W, 87 degrees W. It is bordered by Georgia, Alabama, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Straits of Florida We live in FLORIDA!!! Thanks for Watching!!! Brampton, ON to Florida is approx. 2000 km The climate is very tropical and warm Many people who live around Florida drive or fly A lot of people move to Florida because of Disney World and the beaches
Many people leave the place because of bad weather Exports lots of oranges, citrus, and electronics. They export to Canada Florida is 170, 304 km squared big Secretary is Ken Detzner, and the governor is Rick Scott. Mostly imports cars, electronics, agriculture, and fruits. Atlanta, Georgia and Florida are almost the same state. They are both beautiful and amazing places to visit. A lot of people like to live near beaches ( Miami Beach). * Many old people retire there Florida is shaped like a handgun By: Bhavisha 7B2 #23 Northwest
Central west
Central east
South west
South east 1,200 miles of sand beaches
1,800 miles of coastline Bodies of water are the Pacific Ocean and Miami Beach Latitude-24 degrees N, 31 degrees N I LOVE HIS ACCENT!!! http://www.scribd.com/doc/91973980/EDEL-453-Five-Themes-of-Geography-Florida http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida
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