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Treballs aeris formació

No description

Beat Villacampa

on 3 November 2017

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Transcript of Treballs aeris formació

Beatriz Villacampa


Technical Survey

When thinking in the profession of the aviation, most people have in their minds Airlines.

There are further horizons that expands in the future of a student pilot.
Aerial Works
Aerial Fotography
I am very grateful to
Raimon, pilot of skydiving
- Anna and Joan
- Michael and Julien from medical aerial transport
Laura for her help in translation
And all the people who has been involved in this project
Pilot job

· How to be an aerial pilot? Pilots must love their job and it's important know the limitations of your plane
· Maintenance of airspeed and altitude results key
· They must be well training and really focused in their tasks
· When you are working in aerial works, the situation is really different than in the Airlines.

When you know the importance and the exciting of this jobs you really will enjoy this flights
Aerial advertising pancard
Aerial Photogrametry grow with the need of maps, charts and cartography with accurate resolution about Earth surface.
Photogrametry: Photo (light), Gramma (drawing) and Metron (measuring).
Aerial photography was first practiced by the French photographer Gaspard Tournachoun, known as "Nadar”, in 1858 over Paris, France
- It's better to fly under VMC but not always is possible
- Fly at Low level

Supply of medical attention, is from a lot of years ago a needed which was growing till now, overall near isolated areas and with difficult access
- Meteorological conditions
I met professional pilots from aerial works.
They are Raimon Gispert from Skydive , Anna and Joan from Aircat aerial photography and pancard, Michael from medical emergency in UK.
General knowledge
a) Over populated area lower than 1500’
b) Over any other area lower than 500’
Flaps and power setting

Aircraft maintenance
Aerial medical emergency
Has the objective to give information

Aircraft in use Pipper 18

Banner is hunted by a grapple hook located in the tail

- Pilot job require be safe, precise and patient

- Aircraft speed 90MPH

- Aircrafts
Pilatus PC-6
Beechcraft BE-99
Twin Otter DHC-6
Pilot must be careful and before landing the banner is jettisoned by a quick release
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