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p9-Alli Benson

No description

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of p9-Alli Benson

Alli Benson-P9 The Land Mesopotamia,Greek
-The land between two rivers- Inventions Priests were the highest class and were doctors and shaved heads. Mesopotamia Social Classes Ziggurat A Ziggurat is a tempil in the center of town. From the top of a ziggurat, you can see the protective wall that surrounds the entire town and the wall to the farm grounds. Formal religious ceremonies are held in the top level of a ziggurat. Only Priests were allowed in the top level of a ziggurat. Mesopotamia is between the Tigris and Euphrate rivers. The rivers are provided by the mountians and hill in the region. On a modern day map, Iraq and Syria are in the "Fertile crescent". A slave usually sold for less than a donkey, and more than a cow. -Priests
-Upper Class
-Lower Class
-Slaves Social Classes (in order) Homes were made of sun-dried brick made of mud and straw Acient Mesopotamian's invented things from the wheel to razors. We still use part of there numbering system today like how we use the number 60 in minutes and hours. The Acient Mesopotamians wanted their sons to be able to read and write. Cuneiform A pictograph is a picture of things that act as words. Mesopotamians recorded thing like household goods, court activity, and sales and purchases. Gligamesh was the king of Uruk. GILGAMESH He was believed to be 2/3 god. The gods sent Enkidu to Gilgamesh so he could fight him. Gilgamesh prayed to the gods at a Ziggurat. The End (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Priests Upper Class Lower Class Slaves (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr
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