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Denece Taylor-Begay

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of SMART Goals

Take out a sheet of paper and a writing utensil:
Write the word "wants" at the top of the paper

You have 1 minute to write down things that you want to accomplish in your life.
For example:
To make better grades in science class
Learn how to play the guitar
To be a doctor
GO!!! (one minute only)
Now pick the top 5 "wants" you would like to accomplish in one year
Pick 1 "wants that is most important to you.
We are going to help you create SMART goals from your "wants"

What is a SMART Goal?
Lets Write a SMART Goal!
Setting Goals discussion
Have you ever wanted to achieve something?

Have you ever set a goal for yourself? (Anyone want to share?)

We will learn about Setting SMART Goals today....YAY!!!
Pick one "wants" from earlier and turn it into a SMART Goal

Use the Worksheet to help you write out your Goal

Share your goal if you would like!
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