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Loss of cultural identity

No description

John Doe

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of Loss of cultural identity

Loss of cultural identity
One of the worst things out there
What is it?
Loss of cultural identity is when a cultural that you are related to is wiped out, or disappears. This can cause identity crises, amongst of other things.
How can we solve it?
We can solve this by getting more people aware of this problem. The more people that know about it, the less it will happen. If everyone knew, it would be nearly non-existence.
How does it happen?
One of the main ways it happens is the expanding American/European culture. This is in nearly every country, and is slowly taking over. Many cultures are dieing because of this.
How can we do this?
We can do this by making posters about this problem, spreading awareness. Each of these posters could be styled around a dieing culture.
They would need to be colorful and bright, to attract attention. They would also need to be in a public place.
What would people do if they were interested?
At the bottom of the poster, there would be a QR code, or link, to a website with more information.
These sites would be easy to read and navigate. Their color scheme would be based on the poster. There would also be photos of the culture/it's people.

How can you help?
You can help by spread awareness of this problem, from just as simple as telling people about, or stepping it up to printing and posting posters.
This can happen when another culture, such as American, enters your area and starts to spread. This mean your once unique city is just another clone.
The same can happen with people. Everyone wants to be "cool". This can lead to change in style, attitude and ways of life
Now that the world is becoming more and more connected, there are new problem arising.
One of these said problems is Globalization. This problem has always been around. People have always moved, explored, and traded. Now that we have explored the whole Earth, we have turned to doing more and more trade, leading to big companies taking over smaller ones, and spreading their wings over the whole world.
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