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Inside Out

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Ron Ald

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Inside Out

INSIDE OUT Summary Characterization by Terry Trueman Author born 1947 in Birmingham received B.A., M.S. and M.F.A. two sons: Jesse, Sheehan(incurable disease) lives in Spokane/Washington first novel: Stuck in Neutral second novel: Inside Out Charles Bukowski inspired Trueman Book recommendation Book recommendation Zach Wahhsted -main character
-16 years old
-lives with his mother
-suffers from Schizophrenia
(since he was 14)
~afraid of zombies
~tormented by voices
~therapy by Dr. Curtis
~impulsive, talkactive
~says what he thinks
~needs a daily routine
-tries find out how others feel
-tries to control himself
-doesn't want to attrack attention
-likes Candy like Maple Bars
-other people often regard him as crazy or retarded
-turns into a hero unvoluntarily -at the beginning hard to get an approach
-later I got into it
-I liked the structure
-when characters are developed I started sympathize with them
-book teaches a lot about schizophrenia
-didn't like Zachs suicide in the end Questions? Alan Mender one of the robbers 17 years old, tall lives with little brother Joey and mother; Dad? mother has cancer, no money for treatment Joseph main characters: Zach Wahhsted (schizophrenic), Alan&Joey Mender (robber) armed Alan&Joey try to rob a coffee shop, Zach within Zach doesn't get situation (needs his medicine); deal with police: hostages get out, punishment for robber not so hard Zach stays with robbers till witness for deal arrives (Dr. Curtis) Zach: voices bother him more and more boys tell their situation each other Alan protects Zach when they try to escape Dr. Curtis: Deal is OK boys get outside; Zach runs back to take 3 maple bars Zach committs suicide what's reality what's not? It's great, because powerful, fast story exciting&interesting topic; humor; perspective changes easy language mix of action&exciting moments short but interesting story grandpa: fighter pilot would do everything for his mum robbery: Alan's idea to get money for mother sympathetic, calm, confident and brave likes Zach; loves his little brother wears jeans, black t-shirt and baseball hat 14 years old the other robber wears jeans and yellow t-shirt polite except to his brother impolite, especially against Zach temperamental, leery, anxious (hide it through being aggressive) doesn't like Zach; think he's retarded more unscrupulous than Alan smaller than Alan 'Joey' Mender all five novels are about psychological problems of teenagers married with Patti Trueman other books: Cruise Control, Swallowing the Sun, No Right Turn http://www.terrytrueman.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBRAC4acr70
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