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Stephan Jay Gould

No description

Jaime French

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Stephan Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould 1941-2002 Early Life Gould was born on Sept 10th, 1942 in New York City
First realized he wanted to devote his life to the geologic periods while visiting a museum with his father
Started reading about Evolution by the age of 11

Schooling Recieved his education at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, graduating in 1963
Then studied evolutionary biology in graduate shcool in Columbia, where he remained for 2 years
In 1966, he took a job at Antioch College as a perfessor of geology
A year later, he then moved to Cambridge, Massachusettes to take an assistant professorship at Hardvard University

Scientific Contributions Gould was one of the founders of the school of evolution called "punctuated equilibrium"
Argued that evolution proceeds quite rapidly at crucial points, with speciation occuring almost immediatly ( due to sudden genetic changes )
His favourite example of this was the "panda's thumb", a adjustment of the wrist bone that allows panda's to strip leaves from bamboo shoots

Second Career

Sitting aside is work a professor, Gould spend much time trying
to make science more easy to understand for untrained readers
In 1981, Gould served as an expert witness at a trial in Little Rock, Arkansas,
which challenged a state law ordering the teaching of creation science as well
as evolution.
Personal Triumpths In 1982, Gould was diagnosed with cancer, but recovered from his illness
After surviving cancer, Gould continued his work, but with a new sense of urgency

Personal Life Gould lived the rest of his life in Cambridge, with
his wife and 2 children, Jesse and Ethan.
Besides science, Gould was also a talented singer,
with a love for Gilbert and Sullivan ( romantic operas )
Sadly, Gould died of cancer in New York City on May 20,2002

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