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Organizing Evidence Based Claims

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Charlene Kelly

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Organizing Evidence Based Claims

You are going to write a blog post responding to the SCOPE article titled "Should Your School Get Rid of Sports? In your post you will be citing evidence to back up your claim.
While you are waiting for your computer please "top" your pizza.
Do you ever feel like you're on a treasure hunt in your locker, bedroom or closet?
Often times claims involve multiple parts or different points which need to be explained and developed, and then linked together in a logical order into a coherent development.
(So it makes sense).
Guiding ?'s Can Help in Organizing Claims

Such as...
Together with a partner, organize the colored strips of evidence provided that not only supports the claim but supports the point that is being made by the author. Be prepared to share & discuss.
Organizing Evidence Based Claims
But doesn't it feel amazing , when you're organized?
Your writing has to flow and make sense...
Sue has a claim and she wrote an essay. Did she use any of these guiding questions while writing her essay?
Because you will need to organize your EBC's when you write...Why???
What if the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme wasn't organized?
1. What do I mean when I state this claim? What am I trying to communicate?

2. How did I arrive at this claim?

3. Can I point to specific words and sentences from which the claim arises?

4. What do I need to explain so that an audience can understand what I mean?

5. What evidence might I use to illustrate my claim?
Using the Venus Williams article we recently read, let's try to organize the evidence provided (the quotes) that not only supports the claim but supports the point that is being made by the author.
Blue Table Activity-
"Should Your School Get Rid of Sports?"
Now it is time to give your opinion!
But why organize an EBC?
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