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Kylie Stewart

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Science

By By: Kylie Stewart, Kaila Oravets, Kaide Ouellette, Tyler Smith Houston Texas Olympia, Washinton Sierra Nevada Mountains Olympia washington is on the oceanic plate which is in the ring of fire
Had Mount St Helens Location of area The movements of the plates that form the earth’s crust played an important role in the formation of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The type of plate boundary of the Sierra Nevada is transform boundary, meaning the two plates slide by each other.

Beginning about 3 million years ago , the Sierra Nevada fault system became active with repeated episodes of slip (earthquakes).

The Sierra Nevada Mountains is located on the North American Plate. Olympia, Washington Population-46,478
Earthquake history-Mount St Helens
Earthquake history- there hasn’t been very many earthquakes
I think this is a bad place to have a nuclear power plant
The oceanic plate boundary is in Washington
Washington is in the ring of fire Plate Ninjas <3 j \
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