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Section A AQA GCSE Drama exam paper

We are going to look at how to answer SECTION A of the Drama GCSE written exam paper

Julia Harriyott

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Section A AQA GCSE Drama exam paper

4 questions worth 10 marks each
Section A - AQA GCSE Drama written exam
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
It is easy to get 10/10 on this question.

This question is the same on every exam paper.
This means you can prepare and learn your answer
in advance.
Let's look at what goes into it....
This question has a different focus every year, but always requires you to
talk about the rehearsal process
You will be asked to
describe how you applied your skill as an actor
in the the piece you were involved
This question has a different focus every
year, but always requires you to talk about
the rehearsal process
You must
analyse the process
you went through to create the piece.
You will refer to
your own acting skills
and to
working in a group

10 marks
This question also has a different focus every year but you will always be asked to talk about
the final performance

Usually you are asked to
the successes and failures of
your own final performance.

10 marks
The question firstly asks you to:
Choose a piece of practical coursework in which you were involved as an actor or designer or technician.
You were an actor in your Physical Theatre piece.
Then you are asked to:

Describe what the
piece was about
; state the
style, period
the piece,
the performance space
and any technical or design
elements used and your
target audience
. You should state whether your contribution was as
, designer or technician.

1 Mark

State that you acted in a piece called........
and played the part of ..........
3 Marks

Give a
description of your piece

3 sentences
1 Mark

State the style of the piece

"The style of my piece Physical Theatre with some Naturalistic acting at times"

"We acted in a Naturalistic style with some stylised moments"

"The style of our piece was abstract and stylised."
1 Mark

State the genre of the piece

Tragedy/Comedy, Horror,
Chat show, Whodunnit,
Urban fantasy, Dystopian

1 Mark

State the period of the piece

Present day, 80s, Victorian era
Renaissance, Middle Ages etc
2 Marks

State that it was performed
in the
school drama studio
which is an
1 Mark

Describe the target audience

Other Drama students
aged 14-15
10 marks


For this question talk about how you put the piece together referring to the specific number of examples required by the question. For each example:

1 sentence on what you wanted to achieve and get across to the audience - themes/issues/revealing your character's feelings/pathos.
1 sentence on how you developed the ideas - through stimulus material,experimenting, hot-seating, using dramatic techniques, inspiration from other performances seen.
Then carefully focusing on the question describe your own use of skill in that moment/example/scene
A Quote the line you said or a specific moment.
B Describe the action and what you were trying to achieve, including how you interacted with others.
C Explain how you acted it out - in precise detail.
(facial expressions, voice, posture, stance, gesture, gait, proxemics, pace, pause, rhythm, energy, specific techniques, eye contact.)

Refer to: Compromises made, sharing decision making, polishing, discarding or refining a particular moment (why it wasn't working, what was changed and how it improved).
Talk about how your own characterisation developed as a result of this process or moment.
Read the question very carefully so you are using the exact terms required.
Write about the final performance and your successes and failures
Refer to the effect you wanted to achieve.
e.g. make the audience laugh or cry,
pathos, tragedy, shock, moral message.
Refer to the required number of specific moments using a quote, and describe the skills you used in detail. Say why they were/weren't effective.
So how do I get 10 marks for this question?
Be VERY specific about skills used, describing what you did in exact detail.
e.g. "As I said the line 'He's gone' I wanted to show shock and horror, so I raised my hands to shoulder height with clenched fists, and threw back my head, open-mouthed. I let out a low animalistic moan as I fell slowly to my knees."
Be analytical and self critical:
e.g. "In hindsight I should not have fallen to my knees as it was over-dramatic and made a few audience members laugh. I should have just slumped slightly with hunched shoulders and stared at the floor, as I think this would have been more moving."
10 marks
In this question write about
the rehearsal process
and the required number of
particular moments
when you
worked together
to achieve your aims or overcome a difficulty.
You must still mention your own skill.
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