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Development and Peace

No description

Luke Stocking

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Development and Peace

Development and Peace
Youth Solidarity Trip to Zambia

Recent History of Zambia
Independence in 1964
- Commonwealth "Northern Rhodesia"
-Single party Socialism
-Now Multiparty Democracy

Heavy reliance on mining
-Number two copper producer in Africa
-Price fluctuations of 1970's and 80's caused economic turmoil, privatization of copper mining
-Recent growth but still a great need to establish copper manufacturing industry

The State of Zambia Today
Walking with Zambian children
Tired from a long day
Population 14.6 million
Capital City:
Lusaka- 1.8 million

-70% of population
employed in agriculture
-Mineral rich nation
Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre





Partners in Zambia
JCTR- Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection
Visible Issues
-Conflicting ways of life (West is not always better)
-Rich land, poor people
-Weak voice for the poor
Partners in Zambia

Zambian Land Alliance
-Heavy reliance on copper mining
-Privatized (Internationally owned)
-70% of export earnings

-Small scale agriculture main source of income for rural economies

-39.6% now living in Urban
-Limited job opportunities
-Conflicting ways of life (West is not always better)
-Rich land, poor people
-Weak voice for the poor
Dining out!
Grade 7 Students in Kitwe
Roadside Manufacturing
- Focus on socio-economic issues
-Basic needs basket
-Constitutional reform
-Voice for poor of Zambia
-Advocacy and politically active group strengthening the right for all Zambians to hold secure land (issues between traditional and government land rights)
-Also handles personal cases of land abuse

Provide education, hands-on training for
organic farming methods
Basic Needs Basket
Analyze cost of living
Establish minimum wage
Changing the Constitution and Educating the Public
Discussions with current government
Distribute materials through:
Empower rural communities
Promotion and training of sustainable & organic agriculture
Solidarity with the people of Zambia
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