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Etiquette Event

No description

Huong Nguyen

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Etiquette Event

Manner up!
About "Manner up"
Table setting and Utensil
Place setting
How you treat the waiting staff
Activity: How to fold a napkin
Going to a business dinner
Mend fences
Find potential partners and investors
Walk in like you already belong there
Others are the same -> Body Language
Remember to circulate
Join a table
and start introducing yourself
What if you have to go alone?
Focus on your purpose
Your coat
DO NOT hang your coat
behind a chair
Seating position
Note: A chat before dinner starts can give you important information about the host and other guests
How you enter the table
Enter from the
side of the chair
Server can serve from the
and take your food away from the
side of you
Treating the waiting staff with respect will show your character to your business partners
Greet your waiter
Don't speak down to your server
Say "thank you" when you receive your food
Be polite even if a problem comes up
How you react at a restaurant is an indicator of how you would react at the office
Ask to speak to the manager
Do not
take it into your own hands to punish a waiter
Remember to make eye contact!
preferrably with a smile or a nod
Going alone is an embarrassment?!
But not attending costs you so many opportunities!
Remember to thank your host
Especially, a written note will show utmost respect and gratitude
Thank you for your participation!
Table setting
How to dine with devine
"Doggy bag"?
In a business dining context, it would be
Spinach stuck in others' teeth?
Do say something to them
in private
to save them from further embarrassment
Leave your table temporarily
Put your napkin on your chair
Placing your utensil
Dinner fork

- Used to eat the main course at all formal and informal meals.
Fish fork
- An extrawide left tine
- An optional notch, grooved to fit over the bones.
Soup spoon
Dessert spoon
Dinner knife
Steak knife
Fish knife
- A wide blade with a dull edge and a tip made with a notched point

Butter knife
Salad fork
- Tines flatter and slightly broader than those of a dinner fork
- An extrawide left tine that is sometimes grooved
- Also used for appetizer courses other than seafood, such as pate.
- Similar in size and shape to a tablespoon, only the bowl is a little smaller and tapers slightly to a tip and the handle is shorter
- The shape of the bowl is oval and holds approximately two teaspoons of food
- The smallest knife in a set of flatware.

- The tip of the blade is rounded and some are slightly wider at the tip.
- A sharp tip and a serrated edge to cut thick portions of meat.
- At a formal meal, a steak knife is not provided if meat is served roasted, which is easily cut with a regular dinner knife.
- The longest knife in a set of flatware.
- When a knife is needed to cut an extra-large salad leaf, such as a piece of romaine or a thick wedge of lettuce, a dinner knife is used.
Unfold the napkin only after your host does and put it on your lap
In an informal dinner: leave your napkin completely folded on your lap
Use your napkin to blot your lips before you have a drink
If the plates are cleared, place the napkin in the centre
When you finish your meal
If the table is not cleared yet, fold the napkin and put in on the left of your plate
How to use knife and pork properly
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