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Tesla's Light Bulb

For A Summer Class at Brown

rachel o

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Tesla's Light Bulb

Lighting the 1893 World’s Fair: The Race to Light the World
AC power could travel much further
World Fair
A double-stopper light bulb
Double Stopper Light Bulb
Cheap manufacturing process
The History Rat
by R.T. Johnson
First Battle - World Fair
80s and 90s -battle for who would light the country
1882 - Edison began using DC to power a street in New York
1883 - Tesla built his first transformer that turns AC from low voltage to high voltage
both bid to light the fair
Westinghouse won
Tesla planned on using GE bulbs
Edison would not sell to Tesla
So developed a more efficient bulb
The Edison patents expired in 1894
The lamps were only produced for one year
avoided Edison's one-piece construction by designing a two-piece stopper lamp
A glass stopper was glued into the end
Rachel Okun
The success of the Tesla Polyphase System installed at the exposition ensured Westinghouse would be selected to harness Niagara, which ended the War of the Currents
incandescent lamp
not that efficient
vacuum could not be retained as long with a two piece construction
Westinghouse's patent
Tesla - the
power system
Tesla had a large display including phosphorescent lighting (a precursor to fluorescent lamps) powered without wires by high-frequency fields and the Egg of Columbus
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