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the shuz

No description

Elizabeth Jurado

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of the shuz

Mentally Ill
Dreamer Lennie: Motif: The 1930s George: Realistic (crushed by reality)
Caring Summary: Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, a bittersweet tale about two life-life friends who strive upon their hopes and dreams of living off the "fatta lan'". Lennie, a caring giant, is a mentally ill, hopeless dreamer. George,a small, intelligent guardian, is realistic and loving due o his past crushed dreams these two characters although they are complete opposites, live off each other as on being. The novel includes with the foreshadowed ending of Lennie's misery. The reoccurring motif of the "fatta lan'", helps he reader to perceive the nature o the men of the era. This story of loneliness and crushed hopes takes place in the "West", a land barren and vast. The land like the men of this story are empty and alone. Techniques: Oxymoron: Lennie Smalls is the name given to a character that is of grand stature and of giant physique. Foreshadowing: Pg. 17. George tells Lennie that if he was ever to get in trouble in the new ranch, to meet him in the bush by the lake. This foreshadows the tragedy that is to occur in the story. Juxtaposition: In the beggining of he story the river is "warm" and it sorrounded by "golden foothill slopes . In the end of the story these exact slopes are described as the "darkening slopes of the Gabilans. This demonstrates the shit of events and the introduction of tragedy. The market crash in October 1929
1932 stocks were worth only about 20 percent of their value in 1929
The stock market was not the sole cause of the Great depression but it helped global economic collapsing
Franklin d. Roosevelt helped soften the Great Depression impact
World war II helped the Great Depression pass by faster The stock market crashes Caused the Great Depression
Unemployment rose to 25%
Economic growth fell 50%
World trade fell 65%
Prices were falling 105 every year
The rich stayed the rich and the middle class and the lower class just became poor
Land was very hard to attain The Effects modern bureaucratic welfare state greatest political achievement
Franklin d. Roosevelt was the president during the depression
Roosevelt introduced fifteen major legislative bills to Congress all were passed
Hoover signs Smoot-Hawley Tariff Bill, placing the largest tariffs ever on American goods
Hoover urges Congress to provide up to $150 million for public works to create jobs
Wickersham Commission advises against the Repeal of the 18th Amendment Politics Hoover signs act making "Star Spangled Banner" national anthem
The 20th Amendment, which will move the presidential inauguration to January 20, is sent to the states for ratification
Democratic candidate Franklin Roosevelt wins the presidential election over the Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover
First woman is elected to the U.S. Senate: Hattie Caraway of Arkansas
Civil Works Emergency Relief Act, allotting new funds for Federal Emergency Relief Administration to run new programs of civil works and direct relief
Social Security Act establishes old-age retirement insurance and a federal payroll tax to finance federal-state unemployment insurance. January – Amelia Earhart
February – Bruno Hauptmann sentenced to death for the killing of the Lindbergh baby
July – National Labor Relations Act
August – Social Security Act 1935 January – mother loses custody of children because of her affiliation with the communist party
June - Labor law: minimum wages, 8 hour days, 40 hour weeks, no child labor
September – Hover Dam is finished 1936 March - Chrysler strike, 63,000.
May – Dust Bowl, second depression
May 6th – Hindenburg explodes
December – unemployment up to 20% 1937 May – house committee on un-American activates is established
October – War of the Worlds aired causing panic 1938 September – Germany invades Poland 1939 June – US sends aid to Great Britain
July – debt celling rose to 49,000,000,000.
September – First peace time draft 16,000,000 ready to fight. 1940 Movies Movies! Movies The Movie Entertainment area was immense during this era. Somehow the misery, sorrow, and agony that dominated these times, caused the people to yearn for something positive. 1930s often labeled as the “Golden Age of Hollywood”
1930s was era of revolutions (I.e. Color, Sound, and Technicolor)
Era of creation of genres in movies (Horror, Comedy, Musicals, Gangster, etc.) Movies in the 1930s Sports in the 1930s Babe Didrickson

Jesse Owen

Baseball - Yankees

Hockey – Toronto

Bronko, Davey

Joe Louis

Wilbur Shaw


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