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Tapeworm info

their background info

Ashley DeJesus

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Tapeworm info

Tapeworm Basics Domain:
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Cestoda
Order: Cyclophyllidea
Family: Taeniidae
Genus: Taenia
Species: T. solium Pork Tapeworm Their Host? A tapeworm's host is usually humans, pets, and/or farm animals. The parasite's eggs or larvae get into the muscle tissue of animals by that animal eating food that may be contaminated with feces which have the eggs and larvae within. The hosts are infected with this parasite if they ingest contaminated food that isn't cooked thoroughly or drinking water that may contain the tapeworm's eggs or larvae. The tapeworm will attach itself with it's scolex (head) into the intestinal lining of their host. Effects Most symptoms for becoming infected include, fever, masses, cysts, or lumps on the body. If there is an allergic reaction to the larvae, there will be neurological symptoms or seizures in cases where the brain is infected. An invasive tapeworm infection can also cause serious organ and tissue damage. Getting rid of the infection There are usually killing medications used for removing the tapeworms from within you. these medications aren't easily digested but are however toxic to tapeworms. The medication also depends on the species of the worm. But before you can be prescribed medication, getting your stool tested is usually mandatory and this will continue for approximately 3 months along with treatment at the same time. If the tapeworm has migrated outside of the intestine, an anti-inflammatory steroid may be handed to help reduce swelling due to cysts. At times, surgery may be a needed choice to remove cysts that have grown in your liver, lungs, or other organs. In some serious cases, an organ transplant may be the only choice. Affects other animals? Of course! the pork tapeworm is a parasite and can get to any other animals or humans that eat contaminated food and/or drinking water.
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