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Plant Cell


Wesley K

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Plant Cell

Cytoplasm is a very thick skin surrounding a cell membrane.It's main job is to hold the nucleus and make the outer layer thick. It is gel-like and located between the nucleus and cell membrane.

Vacuoles is surrounded by a membrane and contains some fluid. It stores water and nutrients and helps digest food.
The nucleus is the base of a cell and directs the cell and stores information for the cell. It is a vital source for the cell.
Ribosomes are organelles and start beginning the process of making protein.They are useful for the plant cell by making food for the cell .
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is a layer that covers the plant cell and is useful for the cell. It can help the cell keep invaders out. Proteins are scattered to the side of it and the membrane will then control the way something enters and leaves the cell.
Thanks for Watching!!!!!!
Pictures of Cell Membrane
Hey Guys! Im the super secret spy from the movie Spy kids? I'll guide you through this wonderful story about spies....er I mean plant cells
Psst hey fun facts!!!! Did you know that these membranes have carbohydrates that are in our everyday food????? Pretty cool right!

Nothing to see here but pictures:)
Hey kids errr... we were experiencing technical difficulties ....hold on. Oh no its our enemy Google!! Anyway cytoplasm is very important since it is like glue holding something together. Besides that, this sticky substance was originally called fluid protoplasm by scientists due to its special fluid.
I've managed to get into the spy software and going to finally get my revenge on those spy kids!!! But anyways, mitochondria are important for the cell for making food. There is strangely a muscle cell in plants cells that make mitochondria if the nucleus thinks it needs more of these organelles
Watch out crew!!! The Googles are attacking!!!!! Since I have to give you guys quick facts about the nucleus I'll make it quick.It is like the brain of the cell and the cells what to do so that they don't goof up. Come on team!!!! Errr sorry got carried away there but basically this is the hardrive for all plant cells and was a key for cloning a famous sheep called Dolly. Pretty strange right?
Hey guys!!! I'm the spy leader. The vacuole is a extraordinary substance indeed. It is the stomach of a cell and helps it eat food,disgest food, and remove it from the cell completely to keep the cell from being contaminated. .......Static*..... uh oh our enemy is barraging into our doors!! Retreat Team!!!
Hey guys!!! I'm the commander of the spies. Anyways, ribosomes can actually make large chains and can make a special type of acid called called amino. These organelles are also found in both plant and animal cells.
Mitochondria are organelles that are important for making food into a chemical energy that the cell can use. They are the epic power plant of the cell.
Miscellaneous Facts!!!
Time for some fun facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plant cells can use photosynthesis to make their food
When plant cells absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide, they convert it into carbohydrates and sugars
Vacuoles are also a waste storage for the cell bleh!!!
Sponsored by Spy Kids Inc.
We Fight Against Google
And other menaces

Did ya miss me!!!!!
Fire!!! Google is at our base!!!
Pictures of Cytoplasm
Pictures of Mitochondria
Pictures of Nucleus
Vacuole Pictures
Blechh!!!! That looks gross if you ask me.
Credits to our team the Spies!!!!!
See You Next Time!!!
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