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ILLP Staff Development

No description

Stacy Hoffman

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of ILLP Staff Development

DVUSD ILLP Implementation Training
August 2012

Revised Attachment A
8th Grader
Time Allocations for All Grades and All Proficiency Levels
Attachment A
DVUSD ILLP Implementation Training
August 2012
What assessment data can be used for the quarterly progress report (Attachment B)?
Attachment A
The teacher utilizing the ILLP for English language learners will identify strategically specific ELP Standards and Performance Indicators. These should be based on the time allocation assigned and on the appropriate use of these in the content instruction:

If a teacher is responsible for more than one time allocation, the lesson plan(s) will document the ELP Standard and Performance Indicator for each area of differentiated instruction.
If more than one teacher is responsible for the instruction for a specific student(s), collaboration should be ongoing to ensure that coordination of instruction is reinforced.
Ensure mainstream teachers with ILLPs have evidence of ELPS Performance Indicator(s) from Attachment A posted in the classroom or in their weekly lesson plans.
Ensure there is evidence of differentiation for the ELLs somewhere in the room or in lesson plans.
What is required in ILLP teachers’ lesson plans?
Implementation Phase
This document must be completed and signed by all teachers responsible for instruction.
ELP Standards and Performance Indicators must be identified for each time allocation.
Teachers strategically identify the ELP Standard(s) and Performance Indicators that will be used for differentiated instruction of ELLS in the mainstream classroom.
Collaboration between teachers on the ILLP .
Be selective; be realistic with high expectations.
Goal should be achievement of Performance Indicators at the High Intermediate proficiency level.
It is recommended that each ILLP area address four (4) to five (5)
Performance Indicators, on an average, identified for each quarter.
Must be reviewed quarterly (or in accordance with reporting period).
Revise any Performance Indicators that have been attained. New Performance Indicators should then be identified and included, as needed.
What kind of information will you find on Attachment A of the ILLP?
Completion of Required ILLP Documents
There are THREE required documents that must be completed.

Individual Language Learner Plan (ILLP) Document
Completed in consultation between parent/guardian, English/language arts teacher, mainstream teacher(s) who will be involved in the instruction based on the ILLP, ELL Coordinator and a site administrator. This will constitute the ILLP team. To be completed as per Parent Notification time requirements (NCLB SEC. 3302a)

Attachment A
Sample provided by ADE, or may be modified by LEA, but must have all components identified on the sample document. To be completed as per Parent Notification time requirements (NCLB SEC. 3302a)

Attachment B
Sample provided by ADE, or may be modified by LEA, but must have all components identified on the sample document.
When Will DVUSD Have an ELL Audit? Will we be audited?
The week of January 11th - 15th
Yes, Arrowhead made the list!!
Top 10 items that founds us out of compliance:
ELD and ILLP Model compliance and changes
ADE Monitoring Compliance Issues
Required Documentation- Attachment A &B
Implementation Phase
Quarterly Reviews
What are the changes in the ELD program for 2012/2013?
Attachment A
Based on review:
Changes can be documented on initial Attachment A
Revised Attachment A can be added to initial Attachment A

--Middle/High school Attachment A may need to be revised 2nd semester to reflect a student’s schedule change.
What is the purpose of Attachment B also known as the Quarterly Progress Report?
Attachment B
Identify the assessments being used to inform instruction.
•Unit Tests
•Benchmark Data
•Writing Samples
•Observation Checklists
•Lab Write-Ups
This document is used to update assessment (formative and any other data) information used to show the progress of the English Language Learner.
This document will be updated quarterly for each student by the teacher of record.
Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards
Listening & Speaking Domain
Comprehension of Oral Communication, Delivery of Oral Communication
Reading Domain
Print Concept, Phonemic Awareness/Decoding, Fluency, Comprehending Text
Writing Domain
Writing Applications, Standard English Conventions, Writing Process, Writing Elements, Research
Language Strand
Standard English Conventions, Vocabulary
What are the three required documents that must be completed for the ILLP and who are the members of the ILLP team?
Prior ADE Monitoring and Compliance Issues
The ADE found that DVUSD is not in compliance with state and federal laws applicable to English Language Learners
The ADE on-site review of the ELL program resulted in corrective action for 2012-2013
ILLP Model Issues in classrooms visited by the ADE monitoring team:
Lesson plans and scheduling didn’t match the EL students’ ILLPs
ILLP general education classrooms lacked in differentiation strategies during lessons for EL students
ILLP general education teachers did not know specific ELP standards and performance indicators
ELP standards checklists were not utilized
ELD ILLP (Individual Language Learner Plan) Model Compliance
EL student= AZELLA score <Proficient
Schools that have 20 or fewer ELL students in a three grade span.
This model requires 4 hours daily of ELD (English Language Development).
The four hours include:
Oral English/Conversation & Vocab
Under state law, any EL child not proficient on the AZELLA must be provided with 4 hours of English Language Development.
Schools with less than 20 students within a three grade span, must follow what model?
Changes for 2012-2013
Based on ADE monitoring results
That was THEN…
This is NOW.
ELP standards did not need to be documented in lesson plans, we documented with the checklists
ILLP was created by Site Coordinator or ILLP teacher
ILLP’s updated yearly
Progress Reports (Attachment B) were written independently
No Quarterly review meetings
ELP Performance Indictors DO NEED to be documented in lesson plans -Use new EL/ELA Correlation Guide & checklists
ILLP will be created by the ILLP team
ILLP’s updated quarterly
Progress Report (Attachment B) completed by gen. ed/ILLP teachers
Quarterly Reviews- gen ed teacher(s) & ELD Coordinator meets, review student’s progress & updates ILLP
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