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IADS Exchange Presentation for Students

No description

Esti Riyanda

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of IADS Exchange Presentation for Students

IADS Exchange Program
What should i do during Exchange Program?
- to enhance the knowledge of dentistry
- to enhance the participant’s cultural and social understanding of the country visited;
- an exchange of knowledge
- to improve language skills;
- to open mind to different approaches to familiar problems;
- to encourage independence in the planning and research of such a trip;
Purpose of Exchange
Exchange Officer
- Local Exchange Officer represents the IADS Exchange Program at the respective schools of a country-member under the authority of the National Exchange Officer.

- National Exchange Officers represent a country member under the authority of the International Exchange Officer who, also represents the Exchange program to the IADS Executive Committee and internationally.
What to do after getting Accepted?
1. You will start communicating to the LEO of your destination country/university
2. Prepare your trip (airplane ticket, accommodation, etc)
3. Pack and enjoy your travel and Clinical Internship Program
International Association of Dental Students
Contact your Local Exchange Officer for more information

Facebook Page and Group: International Association of Dental Students

Twitter : IADS_Official
IADS Exchange Program; How to Join?
Contact Your LEO/NEO
You can contact your LEO and NEO with the connection of your local school organization or National Dental Students Association
- You have to fill the application form consisting your personal and educational information, exchange destinations and your Dean's Signature

- Send the application form to LEO/NEO
Exchange Application Form
what to do next?
- After sending the application form to LEO/NEO all you need to do is to wait the acceptance confirmation from the LEO/NEO of your destination country/university.
- Your LEO/NEO will keep you updated.
Thank you
what will i do after the exchange Program?
1. The exchange students must fill the exchange reports that the LEO/NEO gives to get the official IADS certificates.

2. Write the exchange students report as awesome as you can cause there is an Exchange Students Report Award. IADS will give a prize for Most Interesting reports. the reports will also be published in IADS newsletter and NEWSDent.
The Exchange Destinations can be seen on IADS Exchange Booklet both online version or printed (by LEO/NEO)
The destinations?
- Enjoy your Clinical Internship Program, sightseeing and other social program

- Dont forget that we have a regulation of 80% of student presence that will be coordinated by LEO and supervisors.
The IADS Exchange Program has been founded in the 1960s and since then it has made possible for tens of thousands of students to go abroad and share their experiences in terms of dentistry and student life.
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