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Spanish Speaking Country Project


Karina Lopez

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Speaking Country Project

What language do the people of Paraguay speak in?
The people of Paraguay speak in Guarani and Spanish are the languages.
How does Paraguay celebrate their independence?
What are exports from Paraguay?
The most export from Paraguay are: Soya beans (39%), Bovine meat (9%), Soybean oilcake (7%), Bovine meat (frozen) (6%), and Electrical energy (6%)
Paraguay most trade export with: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Russia.

Paraguay is in landlocked country in the heart of South America.
Is on the bordered in south and southwest of Argentina.
East and northeast of Brazil.

Where is Paraguay?
The capital of Paraguay is Asunción.

Is home of the national government.

Cultural centre of the country.

What is the Capital of Paraguay?
What are religion of the people believed in Paraguay?
The people Paraguay official religion is Roman Catholicism but, Roman Catholic Church is weaker.
In some rural areas, priests are seen as healers or men of magic.
Music is the only thing that identifiable expressions of Paraguay.
Around the middle of the 19th Century, music came about as the creation of Paraguayan nationals.
Paraguayan folk art includes ñanduti, ao poí, several types of ceramics and clay work.
The most popular folk art is basketwork and feathered ornaments.
What are music and art in Paraguay?
How did Paraguay gained their independence?
They got their in dependence from Spain on May 14, 1811.
The first countries in South America to achieve independence.
Overthrowing the local Spanish authorities in May 1811.
Even low that the Spanish actually, was overthrow on May 14the people of Paraguay celebrates its independence on May 15th.
Paraguay was the second most important of the Spanish dominions in South America after Peru.
He ruled from 1814-1840.
Who are the most four famous figures?

Carlos Antonio Lopez, overtook after Francia's death on September 20, 1840. Making himself dictator and that not all in 1844 he released all political prisoners. As well officially abolished slavery and torture, he nevertheless attempted to improve elementary education.
Paraguay’s first ruler was the dictatJosé Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia
He intendedor to create a utopian society, as well established new laws that reduced the powers of the church.
His name is Nicolas
He most know in World Cup Mexico 1986
Even low as executive sport of, being President of the South American Football Confederation from 1986 to 2013.
His name is Julio César Romero.
Considered among the best players in Paraguayan football (soccer) history.
He lead his team to the World Cup in 1986.
He was known for his quick thinking
After World War II, politics became particularly unstable .
On April 21, 2013 the general elections were held.
The Colorado Party lost the majority in 2008 even low they have power for sixty years.
Horacio Cartes defeated the Paraguay Alegre alliance's Efraín Alegre for president by received most vote

What is Paraguay history?
From 1526 as well in 1529, Sebastian Cabot explored Paraguay.
In1608 until their expulsion from the Spanish dominions in 1767.
In till Paraguay revolted against Spanish rule in 1811 and gained independence.
The governed have three dictators during its first 60 years of independence.
The frist time coin was introduced in 1944 of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 centimon, all were round shaped.
Second issue was in 1953, of 10, 15, 25 and 50, all were again minted in aluminium-bronze.
In 1975, coins were introduced again.
What the currency of Paraguay?
The first guaraní pesos in 1943 they all were printed by De La Rue.
A new 5,000 guaraníes hasn't been released but will be released on January 14, 2013
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