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Chachi Gonzales

No description

Skylar L.

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Chachi Gonzales

Olivia 'Chachi' Irene Gonzales She was born in Houston Texas on January 23rd 1996 as Olivia Irene Gonzales. She was quickly nicked 'Chachi' by her family. When the named Chachi comes to mind most people would think it came from the character from 'Happy Days', which isn't the case.Chachi is just short for muchachita in spanish it translates to “little girl”.
Being the youngest of 5 children, she found herself doing alot of the things her siblings enjoyed. When she turned 6 years old she was finally given a chance to choose something she wanted to do for the time being. She chose the ballet and was in enrolled at a near by dance studio. She was trained for 3 years. When she was 9 she attended a dance event where she saw for the first time a hip hop dance crew. Early Life Changing her Styles it just so happened to be Moons’ Marvelous Motion ( soon to be a member of the same dance crew.) Olivia was instantly hook on this new dance style, knowing that is what she wanted to do. Immediately, she could feel the music and wanted to move differently than she ever had in ballet. The same month she was enrolled in middle school, and with her luck it was the only school with a hip hop dance crew. Compared to her personality now it is shocking that she was extremely shy when she was introduced to her new crew. And at this point she had no idea how to hip hop dance. She soon was the best dancer at the school. Shortly afterward she came across Marvelous Motion Studios and was enrolled in some classes. She was quickly inspired by Dancers like Phillip Chbeeb, and Moon. ABDC Before being added into I.aM.mE, the members had all achieved considerable success by themselves. During the summer when she was 14 she was officially added into the dance crew. She was also the youngest of the six all stars. Their passion was for dance. It wasn't a challenge for the 6 to find ways to interact their different styles on dance. In the spring of 2011, the crew auditioned for season 6 ABDC. They easily slide right through to weeks of performances and elimination shows and found them selves standing at the season finale with the ICONic boyz. Due to the amazing talent the crew delivered, they proudly won and was titled America's Best Dance Crew. Becoming Solo Winning ABDC wasn't the end of Olivia's dance career. She still only a young 15 year old and had the world open for her. She was getting more open to the world. During the I aM mE dance world tour she ventured off to more of a solo dancer. World of Dance Olivia was quickly made part of a the 2011-2012 World of dance contract. Sadly enough, her sister became her manager and blew off the contract. Which left Chachi to be upset because this meant no more touring with Ian. Chachi Mommas When Olivia was 14, she and her mother designed a pair of sweat pants that is more comfortable for her to dance in and since they started to selling them out to the fans on a public website, it seems like everywhere you look they are. Workshops Accomplishments. Season 6 abdc youngest Champion.
Performed in the Britney Tribute on the VMA's in 2011
World of Dance Award as the female choreographer for 2 years
Hosted X-factor Night Interview with Chris T.
Photoshoots for her clothing line, WOD clothing and Shawn W.
Guest starred on countless TV shows.
Danced for Just Dance 3 for Kinect.
Lead girls in music videos Shake it Up's star Adam and Allstar Weekends 'Orangutan'. Recently in 'Thank You' by Jason Chen
Lead role in AXI episodes by Shawn Welling
and is going to be the female lead of the new Legend of the dark Horse County Movie that will be soon to come out. Chachi Inspired. Along with hundreds of other people around the world i am inspired by Olivia. Not much of dancing wise but i am inspired by how she is still so humble and caring of the people around her. She gives back in multiple ways, such as her being at a workshop or just a meet and greet, she will refuse to leave until she sees a smile on everyone's face. She taught me that you can be a young girl and still pull through and make something of yourself. She taught me that I can be happy and goofy and not really give to mind what other thinks. She helps me realize that my dreams are in reach, I just have to put in effort and shoot for them. Chian Appreciation Olivia's Future. Olivia plans on finishing homeschooling while taking a break on traveling around the world this coming fall. At least that's what she had provided with the public. There is also a story that has been going around about her release a single, because she is a triple threat and adores singing. The most impressive thing that i adore that she has done is seeing how far she has come the past 2 years. In conclusion Olivia Gonzales has played a big role in my life. I wish the best for her future and hope she accomplished more in life. I plan on meeting her as soon as she steps foot in Florida. chachimomma.com resources
mtv.com/abdc , etc. Social Networking instagram: @chachi_irene
twitter: @chachigonzales and @Chachi_momma
tumblr: chachiinspired
websites: chachigonzales.com and chachimomma.com " Thats the best kind of healthy there is, Happiness."
-Chachi Chachi Lately The past month Olivia has not been as energetic and out there in a crowd as she usually is. Their have been countless rumors going around about her and her personal life. It clearly is effecting her. I notice it by the way she has been dancing in her most recent workshops in Brazil. she has admitted to feeling more insecure about herself due to the hateful attention.
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