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Wind Power

No description

nick dimyan

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Wind Power

Some schools that use wind power are...
Hobart College
William Smith College
Colorado University
University of Wyoming
San Diego St. University
University of Albany &

Disadvantages of wind power
$1.3- $2.2 million
Cost of the turbine itself
Construction costs
Interconnection fees
Metering equipment
Maintenance and repair

How Long
It takes about...
Two months to build a 10 MW wind farm
Six months to build a 50 MW wind farm
$1.3-$2.2 million
Cost of the turbine itself
Construction costs
Metering equipment
Maintenance and repair

Is Wind Power Practical?
It only takes about two months to install a small wind farm, and can be installed during a summer break.
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can reduce electricity costs.
Wind power is a renewable resource, and can be self sustained as long as the school is in an area that gets regular wind.

Nick D.
Henry H.
Brooke J.
& Isabella F.
Wind turbines are available in ranges of sizes
Although wind turbines can be very tall each takes up only a small plot of land
Wind power is a renewable resource
No pollution or waste is generated by the system's operation

Expensive to install.
Wind is not predictable.
The spinning blades can lead to birds getting caught into them and can get hurt, potentially can lead to death. (specifically bald and golden eagles.)

Additional Info
Wind To Power
Tubular and made of steel or concrete, generally painted white.
They are white because it is inconspicuous under most lighting conditions.
The blades are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester.
The towers of the windmills are mostly made of...
Blades turn a low-speed shaft inside the nacelle gears connect the low speed shaft of the rotor with a high speed shaft that drives a generator
the slow rotation speed of the blades is increased to the high speed of generator revolution
Wind Power
we found while doing this project

Thank you for listening to what we have to say and why Wind Power would be a great source for New Fairfield Schools
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