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5th Period Math

No description

Michael Robinson

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of 5th Period Math

5th Period Math
How would I solve the following?
The area of a blackboard is 1 1/3 square yards. A poster’s area is 8/9 square yards. Find the unit rate and explain, in
words, what the unit rate means in the context of this problem. Is there more than one unit rate that can be
calculated? How do you know?
Let's review what we covered yesterday

What is the missing term of the following

4:6 = 21/Y

12:7 = 48/Y

Mr. Robinson can eat 4 slice of pizza in 2.4 minutes. If he has been eating pizza for 19 minutes how much pizza has he ingested?
Let's Review from yesterday
Table Group 1
Rewrite 1.94 x 10^-6 in Standard Form
Calculate what (2 x 10^3) x (4 x 10^6) =

Table Group 2
Rewrite 0.000000433 in Scientific Notation Form
Calculate what 6 x 10^-2 divided by 3 x 10^4 =

Table Group 3
Rewrite 4.5301 x 10^6 in Standard Form
Calculate what (8 x 10^-4) x (3 x 10^7) =
8th Grade Entry Task
The geographic area of California is 163,696 sq. mi., and the geographic area of the U.S. is 3,794,101 sq. mi. Let’s round off these figures to 1.637 × 10^5 and 3.794 × 10^6. In terms of area, roughly estimate how many Californias would make up one U.S. Then compute the answer to the nearest ones.
Entry Task
7th Grade Entry Task

You are getting ready for a family vacation. You decide to download as many movies as possible before leaving for
the road trip. If each movie takes 1.4 hours to download and you downloaded for 5.25 hours, how many movies did
you download?

8th Grade
Log into your computer and complete a round of Xtramath.org. Then go to jlmsolution.com and do the Period 3 Wednesday Homework set.
7th Grade: Go to the computers and do a round of Xtramath.org then go to jlmsolution.com and do Period 4 Wednesday Homework Educanon Module
Working in Table Pairs
How would I solve the

The average distance from Earth to the moon is about 4.0 × 10^5 km, and the distance from Earth to Mars is
approximately 9.0 × 10^7 km in year 2014. On this simplistic level, how much further is traveling from Earth to Mars than from Earth to the moon?
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