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Racial Profiling

No description

Taylor Jackson

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Racial Profiling

Is America Becoming More Just With This Issue?
Racial Profiling
Thesis Statement
Little Details of Racial Profiling
After slavery African- Americans were free but does that mean they were discriminated against whites who believed black was just any old garbage and should not be treated with respect. They were not given all their justices and rights. But racial profiling isn't only about African-Americans, racial profiling deals with other ethnicity groups too such as Muslims

Examples of Racial Profiling
What is Racial Profiling?
the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone has commited an offense
An employee following a black male around the store
Suspecting that someone who looks like a muslim is a terorist
Blaming a black person first of suspection of stealing
Civil Rights Act of 1964
-This act denied discrimination against race, religion, color, sex, or national origin

So now that there is a law that discrimanting is illegal we stopped profiling certain races righhhhhttt..... WELLLLL................... You're wrong.
-For example "Driving While Black"
"Driving While Black"
This term came to be because it has been exposed that African-Americans gets pulled over simply because of their race and stereotypes connected with it (Harris).

"He is black and looks like a thug, he cant be driving that Mercedes-benz, he must've stole it."
Not Just About African-Americans
As you know, the 9/11 attack was a very historic event. This event changed the perspective of people who are or look muslim. since then people have racially profiled them and suspected and questioned them.
Trayvon Martin
From my prespective and research i believe he was racially profiled. A black young male with a hoodie... lets think about that... Well Zimmerman called the police and suspected he was about to do something bad. The police told him not to act and just leave him be. But then he approached him anyway.
End Racial Profiling Act
This act denies profiling by race, ethnicity, national origin or religion by law enforcement agencies (ERPA).

Although racial profiling still occurs today, we are increasing becoming more just with this issue. From slavery to now, racial profiling has decreased drastically. We have taken action to eliminate this issue. Slowly but surely, racial profiling is fading away.
Do You Think The Same Exact Results Wouldve Happened?
Taylor Jackson

Although America has increased justice involving racial profiling by passing laws and regulations, this is still a big issue in our society.
Work Cited
("Civil Rights Act of 1964")
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