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California - Intermountain Cultures

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Rubens Mesa

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of California - Intermountain Cultures

California - Intermountain Cultures
The California Indians lived in a culture where food was plentiful and the land was rich. Because of this, these Indians had much less trouble finding food than some of the other Indian cultures.

The California Indians were hunters and gatherers. They gathered nuts, seeds, berries, roots, bulbs, and tubers. Deer, rabbits, and game birds provided meat for these Indians. Fish also provided food the these Indians.
The Indians of the California-Intermountain Culture lived in circular homes of arched poles covered with brush and mat. This type of home was used for a short time when the Indians were hunting. This type of home was called a wickiup or thatch home.
Tribes from the California-Intermountain region lived in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and California. Some tribes that lived there were Miwok, Pomo, Shoshone and Paiute. The region contains two different environments. In the desert, the temperature is extreme heat and cold and little rainfall. But in the mountain ranges it has mild climate and many redwood trees. One of the geographical features is the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Pacific Ocean also provided food and transportation.

The Native Americans of this region used bark from Redwood trees to make their clothing. They also used

the skin from animals. They decorate their clothing with shells that they found along the beaches of this region.
Tepees and wickiups (wooden poles with a thatched roof) were used for shelter. Their clothes were made of animal skins and they ate nuts, berries, snakes, fish, shellfish, and deer. These people were also very good at basket making.

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