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Salvador Dali

No description

Devin Bucher

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali was born in Catalonia
- He had an intense fear of grasshoppers
-As a child he was frequently expelled from school
-He liked his wife because she changed her clothes 3 times a day
-He didn't know how to count money
-His parents had a child before himwho died when
he was 9 months old. When Salvador was born they treated
him as a reincarnation and even dressed him in his clothing Salvador dali was a spanish painter best known for
his bizarre surrealist paintings. His most famous painting, The Persisastance of Memory, was
completed in 1931. However, it is often referred to by most people
as "that painting with the melted clocks" Dali is also very well known for his eccentric behavior Many of His paintings involve religious imagery.
He is considered by many critics to be the most influential
surrealist painters of all time WORKS OTHER THAN PAINTING
- He works with various film makers such as
Afred Hitchcock and Walt Disney on the films
"Spellbound" and "Destino" and "L'age d'or"
- His books include "The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali"
and "Paranoid-critical Revolution" MADRID AND PARIS
Dali spent much of his career in these cities
working with artists such as Pablo Picasso
and Diego Valazquez Symbolism
Dali's art is full of it. For example, the image of
the melted clocks is symbolic of Einsteins
theory of relativity
Premonition Of Civil War The Face Of War Swans Reflecting Elephants MY OPINION
Dali was one of the most talented and
influential painters in the world. His art
and lifestylewas very bizarre which
makes it interesting
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