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S. Vogel

No description

Karen Yost

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of S. Vogel

Snitch By: Allison Van Diepen About Allison Van Diepen? Started writing as a young teen
Become a teacher, and taught in Brooklyn
Was inspired by her students in Brooklyn, and wrote two stories they would enjoy, Snitch, and Street Pharm
Moved back to her hometown in Ottawa, Canada and continues to teach and write novels for teens Yupp, that's her. What else did she write? This one And this one And.... She's working on these And The Oracle Rebounds Now to the story. So there's this girl. Her name is Julia Divino. She's the main character, duh. She's uptight, and has class. She goes to a school full of junkies, and gang members. She wants nothing to do with them, and they haven't tried to recruit her. Yet. Then this boy comes along. His name is Eric Valiente. He's a transfer student from Detroit. To Julia he's sexy, charming, and not in a gang. She barely knows him,

but he's already sweeping her off her feet. Julia's bestfriend. She goes by Q, short for Queen. They're as close as sisters,
but sometimes things change. South Bay High School. In a school run by gangs, staying out was harder than joining. After... Eric comes to South Bay High, Julia changes a little. She goes against what she believes in. Eric joins the Crips because he claims that he used to be one back in Detroit. Julia freaks out and breaks up with him! TRAGIC! OMG. How could he do this, he knows she doesn't like gangs. ): But guess what... Julia joins too! Yeahhh, she went there girlfriend. So after Julia joins she has new friends, more like a new family. Then... So now Julia's life is perfect.
She has friends who care about her.
She's got a boyfriend who loves her.
And she's finally happy with her life. There's a snitch... Snitch- someone who freely gives up information
about a friend or aquaintence to a higher authority
who will use that information against said friend or
So now there's a drug bust. But who's the snitch? Idk. Read the book (:
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