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No description

Shamir Williams

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Skippies

Targeting a Market Segment

School kids with income and purchasing power; these kids are from ages 15-19 and control the trends of modern society. Despite teen stereotypes, they are very skilled consumers and only wish to purchase the highest standards that recent trends have to offer. Marketers look to sell to them because it is usually a very large, very successful short term
profit gain
High school kids who are getting their first job and want to spend the money on new merchandise they couldn't afford before
Innovators and strivers
Market Profile:
Teens that are just getting their first jobs and are overwhelmed with all the money and are eager to spend it
Location: Domestic
Climate: Seasonal
City Size: Over 100k
Features Desired: Newest Clothes and Electronics (Advanced)
Usage Rate: Heavy
Brand Loyalty: Totally
Age: 15-19
Gender: Both
Ethnicity: Any
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