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Boot Camp

Muck Rack By Alexi Zloof and Caroline

Alexi Zloof

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Boot Camp

Muck Rack
Monitors and tracks what journalists are saying about the top news of the moment
Delivers the news for today and tomorrow
A journalist twitter filter
Allows searches of many journalist's twitter accounts
How does it work?
Tracks what journalists are tweeting about
Filter tweets by date, time, outlet or topic
Research specific events among journalists
Constant updates of trending topics on twitter
Links to your twitter account
Started in 2009 by Sawhorse Media
Began with 150 journalists' twitter accounts
Wanted to uncover the best of the real time web
Now has 1000s of journalists twitter accounts
What is Sawhorse Media?
Brooklyn start-up
Wanted to find the best of real-time web
Launched Shorty Awards for top Twitter and Social Media Content Creators
Noticed many journalists at events
$199 a month for 1 user and 1 media list and 25 alerts
$299 a month for 1 user, unlimited media lists and unlimited alerts
Small Team:
$899 a month for 5 users, unlimited media lists and unlimited alerts
Medium Team:
$1798 a month for 10 users, unlimited media lists and unlimited alerts
Large Team:
$4495 a month for 25 users, unlimited media lists and unlimited alerts
Find journalists talking about your company, competitors and industry live
Easy to navigate/anyone can use it
One-line Press Releases
Keeps companies growing with social media
Created strong network for PR industry
Can pitch directly to journalists
of Muck Rack
Faster resource tool
Specifically made for research and monitoring of the news
Groups topics together in one place
Gives an idea of the biggest issues around the world
Why this over just twitter?
Offers alerts when company name or journalist name used
Gain more user names for account
Ability to search through beats
Create more media lists
Send pitches
Muck Rack Pro Benefits
Some Major Outlets that Use It
...and 100s more
Alexi Zloof
Comm 352
Muck Rack for PR Pros
monitors news by outlet/journalist/topic
shows one line press releases
can create media lists (pro)
get alerts when your topics covered (pro)
Muck Rack for Journalists
create portfolio of work
see all tweets you've put out
inbox other journalists
see what topics are trending
Weakness of
Muck Rack
If someone pays they have more access to the higher up journalists
Users may only filter the information they want to see
Edge, Abigail. "Tool for Journalists: Muck Rack Social Sharing Bookmarklet." Journalism Jobs (media, Editorial), News for Journalists. N.p., 6 Dec. 2013. Web. 05 Feb. 2014.
Thorton, Terri. "Muck Rack Connects Reporters With Readers, PR People." PBS. PBS, 12 Dec. 2012. Web. 05 Feb. 2014.
Sign Up
can view, but can't vreate media lists or receive alerts
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