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Unit 3 Project

By Ellen Parker

Ellen Parker

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3 Project

Unit 3 Project "Fame yields money; serving the political or industrial bosses yields money. And money yields fame" (Booth, 140). Sage Francis, who is a hip-hop artist, gives the video celebrity, which contributes to the packaging of this advertisement. By having it set outside it gives the video a natural feeling, which also contributes to the packaging of the message. The green environment sends the message of vegetarianism. Rhetrickery is used in this because meat is only seen as a negative. The opposite view is not presented and through the black and white image and throwing of the food meat is portrayed as the problem. By Sage Francis pretending to consume the meat, he is showing how the consumption of meat is not something that looks good. The target audience is the listeners of Sage Francis. In having graffiti and his music in the background they are not forced into practicing listening rhetoric, but rather drawn in by the familiar. References Wayne C. Booth: The Rhetoric of Rhetoric: The Quest for Effective Communication "Everyone on all sides of almost every controversy simply blasts out conclusions, with no attention to the steps that support those conclusions" (Booth, 147). Consumerism is part of the risk culture in this video, which is seen when Sage Francis calls eating meat "the hidden Holocaust." This video demonstrates how "'risk' comes packaged to us everyday" (Nayar, 95). Pramod Nayar: Packaging Life: Cultures of the Everyday
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