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career shadowing

No description

anthony nicholson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

Gold's gym this gym is like no other it has alot of different equiptment and machines to choose from. Purpose of the Company is to
Help member get/keep fit. This company will hopefully be expanded in 15 years coming from natalie the production manager. if you were to applie for this job you would have to have a high school diploma to work a desk and the desk salary is 10,000 a year and the manager is 30,000 a year with free membership along with that you have to be able to multi-task and be able to communicate some technmology they use there are the phone and word and excel for sales and financial stuff, to keep a record/track of the members If i were to have a job i would definately consider gold's gym because they keep people healthy and fit like if i were to go there on my own and work out they just dont let you go in there they will help you if you need a certain area worked and tell you what might be good to do. some bad things about working there are its a confusing process to get an account set up for someone else but other than that its awesome
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