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No description

Becky Butler

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Tangerine

By: Edward Bloor Major Characters
Paul Fisher
Erik Fisher
Arthur Bauer Description
Twelve year old and has glasses
Mean and self centered
Focused on Eriks football career
Obedient to Erik
Relationships with other characters
Helps his friends in any way possible
Not many people like him beacuse he's so mean
Mostly interested in Erik
Mostly interested in Erik
Does whatever Erik tells him Other interesting facts

Sprayed paint in his brothers eyes

He caused Louis to die Minor Characters
Joey Costello
Louis Cruz
Victor Guzman
Theresa Cruz
Betty Bright
Tino Cruz

Soccer player at Lake Windsor
Nice and honest
Soccer player at Tangerine middle School
Brown hair that's always pulled back
Soccer coach at Tangerine Middle School
Soccer player at Tangerine Middle School

Relationships with other characters
He doesn't get along with some people because they are mean to him
Gets along with everyone he meets
Likes to be the center of attention
She does the best thing she can for others
Helpful and supportive
Aggresive towards others Other intersting facts
His brother got struck by lightning
Owned a tangerine grove and discovered the Golden Dawn Tangerine

All-star track runner in high school Character trace
Paul Fisher starts in Tangerine as someone who is afraid of his older brother, Erik. He is also afriad of the socccer players on his team because he is new and they look tough. In the middle of the book his fear for the players disappears and he becomes friends with them. Near the end of the book he is no longer afraid of Erik. It occured to him that he had nothing to be afriad of and he should just stand up to him. He was told by someone who had been living a lie, "The truth shall set you free." Since Paul was afraid of Erik he hadn't been telling his parents all the bad things Eriks been doing to him. Once he told his parents what was going on, Erik got into trouble and he no longer hurt Paul anymore.
Attitude toward major conflict
Tries to fix it himslef
Lies or has Arthur "take care of buisness"
Tries to solve it best she can and will ask for help if she needs it
Fixes it the fastes way possible
Waits until Erik tells him what to do Attitude toward major conflicts
Leaves it be
Fixes it as best as he can
Deals with it his own way
She helps others when they need her
Encourages others to do their best
Deals with it his own way Setting
The most important place in the book is when everyone is at their house or with someone else after school. Introducton and rising action
Joey's brother Mike gets struck by lightning.
Once Mike dies, Erik and Arthur become really good friends because Arthur takes the place of Mike in Erik's life. Erik and Arthur make fun of Joey for being Mike's brother. Joey doesn't want to be around Paul because of his brother and it weakens their friendship.
Paul can't play soccer at Lake Windsor Middle School.
Paul is unable to play soccer because of a form his mother fills out so he wants to move to a new school to play. He doesn't talk to Joey as much because he is mad that Joey can still play so their friendship weakens even more.
Lake Windsor had a sink hole
The students get the choice of going to another school because of the acident. Paul picks the other school so he can play soccer. He later ends up becoming friends with the soccer kids. Climax
The turning point is when Lake Windsor Middle School had the sink hole. This is an important part in the book because Paul goes to Tangerine Middle School and that is when life starts to change for him. Falling action and resolution
Paul tells his parents the truth about all the mean things Erik does to him.
Erik has to be nice to Paul now because their parents will now punish Erik for what he does. Their parents figure out things about Erik that they never knew and Erik is getting in trouble for it. They are also making him stop all the bad things he is doing.
Erik and Arthur are caught for robbery and for murder.
Once they are caught Arthur is taken to jail so him and Erik can't do anymore bad things. Erik is told to stay in his room by the police and his parents. The town is now safer because they are out of the way.
Paul makes the soccer team and friends at Tangerine Middle School.
He becomes friends with the kids on his team and they help each other when they need it. He begins to like his new school because he has friends there.
The theme of the book Tangerine is to be honest. If you are honest it could help many other people that you didn't know could. Reactions
I think the book Tangerine has taught me to be honest with people and know what the right thing to do is.
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