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Of Mice and Men Re-engagement

A lesson to re-engage pupils in OMAMA after the R&J retakes 2012

Alessandro Capozzi

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men Re-engagement

Learning Objectives
All will explain key historical events of 1930's America. (c)
Most will give a detailed explanation of the effects and importance of key events in 1930s America, using sophisticated vocabulary (b)
Challenge: Can you make perceptive links between the events and experiences of 1930s America? (a)
The Great Depression
Mini- Plenary
Imagine you are an American in the 1930's. Write a short account to a friend in Europe about what your life is like.

Refer to the different problems you are facing and how this is making people across the country feel.

All will explain key historical events of 1930's America. (c)
Most will give a detailed explanation of the effects and importance of key events in 1930s America, using sophisticated vocabulary (b)
Challenge: Can you make perceptive links between the events and experiences of 1930s America? (a)
Peer Assessment

Read your partner's work and in green pen write down one thing you like about what they have written.
5 mins
The Great Depression wasn't the only social problem at the time...Racism was widespread

Discussion task; In groups decide on what you think the best definition of racism is, think of an example to support your point.
Racism in the 1930's

What was life like for a Black perosn in 1930's America, the era in which Of Mice and Men was set?

The best answers should...
Identify and explain specific problems black people faced and how these affected their lives.
[e.g. Segregation, Racism, Discrimination, Economic Depression]

Be written neatly and use bullet points because these notes will be used in your essays.

7 mins
Understanding Crooks.

Whilst watching this scene imagine you are in Crooks' situation.

Draw a picture that explains how you (Crooks) feel about life.

In it try to show...
1. How your lifestyle has been affected by the attitudes of other people?
2. How your situation affects you as a person?

Label you drawing [in writing] giving details of what each part of the drawing shows.

15 mins
How would this make you feel?
Ku Klux Klan: White Supremacists
Lynchings; Innocent men and women murdered for the colour of their skin
Dust bowl
The American Dream
On a post-it write down one thing you know about the context of Of Mice and Men..
Put your name on the post it and put it along the continuum below to show your current level of understanding?
Class reading of chapter 4.

As we go through fill in the table.
One column with words you would use to describe Crooks.
In the second column note down words or phrases from the novel that suggest things about Crooks' character (quotes)
Take home a copy of 'Of Mice and Men'

Read up to page 65
(the one we have read today)

What do you think is Steinbeck's message to the reader about society and people in general?
(answer on paper in bullet points)
Learning Objective
To secure our understanding the context of John Steinbeck's novel and use it to analyse his characters and ideas
What do Crooks' living quarters reveal about him? In your discussion you should refer to what you know about the context of 1930's America

Label your pictures with the key points made from your discussion.
10 mins

Band 4 requires '
perceptive interpretations
of the writer's ideas and attitude,
linked to context'.

In other words you need developed and clever explanations of what you think the author's overall message is about an idea.

So in Steinbeck's story...
Lennie goes straight into Crooks' room regardless of his skin colour and Crooks lets him stay.

What is Steinbeck seeking to say about Segregation in this scene?
Wall Street Crash
How has your understanding of the context of the 1930's developed this lesson?

All will explain key historical events of 1930's America. (c)
Most will give a detailed explanation of the effects and importance of key events in 1930s America, using sophisticated vocabulary (b)
Challenge: Can you make perceptive links between the events and experiences of 1930s America? (a)

10 mins
Review: peer learning
What did you see that you did not understand?

Write down one question/confusion you have from the video. Then ask people on your table to see if they can answer it.

Discussion Question:

Why do you think some people wanted society to be segregated at this time?

The best answers will make links to what we have discussed about the 1930's already.
Malcolm X came to believe that a segregated black race was unachievable, others disagreed.
Why would people in the 1930's in particular want segregation?
In your CA for Band 4 you are required to
analyse aspects of language in convincing detail.
In your last CA (poetry or R&J) there was clear understanding of what
a whole quote is saying but many of you are not
analysing the exact meaning the words create.

Analysis requires you to:
Explain exactly
key words/techniques create the meaning they do.E.G. through the effect they have on the reader or what the underlying reasons were for the writer choosing that particular word, such as the word having particular connotations or creating a certain image for the reader that another word might not.
remember Analysis also requires you to offer different interpretations of the meaning and effect of key language.
Take any one quote from your quote hunt.

In pairs on the A3 paper do a similar unpicking of the word, explanaing what its connotations are, Why that word was specifically chosen and what the intended effect or image was?

Put the quote at the top of each sheet.

creates an image of the men thrashing at the enemy in more frantic sword fighting
the soldiers must be very
panicked, suggesting the fear in conflict
Build your BAND 4 analysis skills
Using your quotes sheets
How does the character of Crooks come across to the reader in this scene?
In your explanation make sure you use context to explain why he comes across like this?
Use quotes
Peer assessment
What about thier response
is original and interesting?
Lesson Objective
To secure our understanding of how to analyse language thoroughly to achieve Band 4.
Your turn: Use what you have understood about language to answer this in a Band 4 paragraph.

How does Steinbeck use language to present Crooks as an outsider?
What does this say about Crooks?
Assessment: Stick in the model.
Look at the model response what are its strengths?

Colour in and label each section as we go.
You will aim for this in your response.
Self assessment. in green pen
Label each section of your P.E.E.L as we did in the model.
You need to have the follwoing labels in each section.

Point =
1. What the Crooks is presented as
2. How: the technique that has been used to present Crooks


Explanation =
3. Explaining what the quote shows
4. Your interpretation of what this says about Crooks
5. Deeper explanation of what the language technique or word shows
6. Where you have included context to explain why he is treated this way
All this belongs in the explanation.
Go to town with it, show how well you can squeeze meaning out of a word
and explain why it has been used.
Rate your ability to analyse language on the continuum.
explain why and write your name on it.

Joint model example of developed analysis
Learning Objective

To further develop our understanding the context of 1930's America, focusing on racism.
What did we learn last lesson about the 1930's?
Imagine you are a Black citizen in the 1930s
Write a diary entry expressing your feeling on your life
and the challenges you face.
Use technical terms such as segregation, racism, Ku Klux Klan, White Supremacist, itinerant labourer, etc (b)
Challenge: Can you make perceptive links between the events of 1930s and the experiences of the black community? (a)
Of Mice and Men - In Context (Part 1 and 2)
Crooks Focus
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