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Angeli dela Rosa

on 30 June 2010

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Transcript of SLC2010PREZI

audition do's and don'ts:
Perform full-out. Don't hold back. #2
Have your music, resume, and wits ready before entering the room.
#3 emma hale previous performances credits include: 2 perfomances at the SLC
3 years on tour with residence life

currently starring as
a member of the ubc learning exchange crew previous performance credits include: 2 performances at the SLC
3 years on tour in various roles with ubc orientations currently starring as
a member of the ubc learning exchange crew why and how you volunteer getting the most out of a volunteer experience leveraging the benefits of volunteering in interviews today's routines: intentional volunteering:
the right gig think of one of the best v. experiences you've had where you felt you accomplished or learned something SIGNIFICANT.

what made it a great learning experience? think pair share

2 mins individually

3 mins to pair-share the challenge: THINK CHANGE. PRESS PLAY. find us at the Campus Involvement Showcase
tuesday jan 12, 10am-6pm @ CSI aretha says... "R.E.F.L.E.C.T." reflection prompts: think of a time when you had to:
resolve conflict
work with a diverse team were your assumptions
reinforced what was the greatest moment
of the experience? did anything surprise you? articulating:
the next gig "so tell me about a time when..." "when i helped organize a workshop
for orientations it almost got canceled
because of a mistake in scheduling.
it almost threw off the entire schedule
of the day, but our team was flexible
and we got through it ok" (P) when i was in X position, there
was a problem with a room booking
- our workshop overlapped with a
previously scheduled room renovation.
(A) i contacted the crew and tried
to understand their needs and deadlines
by listening instead of arguing. i found
that both of our groups had some
(R) we agreed that they would try to finish
a day earlier, and we made a back-up plan
in case they couldn't finish on time. it worked out in the end! "tell me about a time when you had conflict or disagreement
with a supervisor or colleague..."

resolution "tell me about a time
when you had to think on your feet to resolve an unexpected problem..."

resolution thank you for coming!
you can contact us at
rw.projects@ubc.ca or
emma.hale@ubc.ca reflection angeli dela rosa 1. set goals
2. choose v. opportunities
that MATCH those goals. nugget#1:
be intentional. engagement:
the performance nugget#2
be engaged. P - problem
A - action
R - result nugget#3
be able to
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