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Copy of Social Networking

No description

Erin Twomey

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Social Networking

Agenda (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Cyberbullying Lasting Impressions You can ALWAYS
report someone or a post
tell a trusted adult
deal with the problem in a safe and mature way
not follow someone who makes the site uncomfortable
block certain users There are Ways to prevent and deal with Cyberbullying Social Networking

Some people believe social networking sites have been the center for cyber bullying; and that teens have been the target of online harassment, taunting, sexting, and suicidal actions due to publicized abuse. "Cyberbullying is defined as spreading false, embarrassing or hostile information about another person. This can cause depression, anxiety, severe isolation and even suicide." (Hellmich) Protecting the brand
How do you judge someone?
Are you judged? By: Amani M. Conclusion People are exposed to an interactive interface where they can express their views of the world
Accountability is HUGE!
Individuals be responsible, and know what is appropriate (content wise)
Social Media can enrich the knowledge that gets shared globally #YOLO: 4theworld2C
Associate Director of Student Center & Campus Life
Quinnipiac University By: Stefano Fasulo Comments? Questions? Concerns? Thank you for your time! Associate Director, Student Center & Campus Life Stefano Fasulo Operations, Leadership Development
Quinnipiac University
Office: 203-582-8110 Let's Google!
First impressions and reputational risk
All my tweets
Lol...OMG! Students have been targeted when it comes to an age policy. Concerns have centered around safety measures and precautions taken when sharing info. online. Do's & Dont's of Social Media DO: DON'T: Announce interviews, salaries, new jobs or new projects. Badmouth current or previous employers. Stay professional. Represent the organization’s values well. Are you unique? How many more of you are there? Stefano Fasulo What is done now, lives forever images Reputation: Character: what others say about you. what you really are as evidence by your actions when no one is observing. -vs- Pete Kistler Back in college, Pete Kistler could not get an internship because when people "googled" him, they found a drug dealer with the same name... Pete founded: https://brandyourself.com/ Male
Employer: Quinnipiac University
State of Residence: Connecticut
Marital Status: Engaged
Character: Honest, reliable & kind
Hobby: Full contact origami ...i know what you did on twitter All My Tweets www.allmytweets.com A One-Stop-Shop twitter archive! Who you are as a leader through a social media lens? a picture is worth a thousand words You are not alone... Student Government Association- QU Student Leader Soundoff "Don’t overuse social media, it is a great asset, but only if you use it correctly. If you bombard people with event invitations and tags in fliers, the students get overwhelmed and probably will overlook the information you are providing them with" "Use re-post challenges for Facebook and Twitter. Basically, if x amount of people re-post a certain link or flier, then their names will be entered into a raffle to win a gift card. You can also use this on Twitter if people hashtag an event" Personal Experience Pursued work as a TV & Movie Extra
(a little side money never hurt) 2006 Returned to academia as a Student Affairs Professional Moved to CT
Began working at Quinnipiac University 2011 2012 2001 The evidence presents itself... Take responsibility for your actions-take action for your responsibilities Headshot & resume still exist! Examples of effective ways
to use social media QWho? "Do not retaliate with your words" Stefano Fasulo 2013 COSGA!!! Some students do not differentiate As a student leader... Cyber Laws Do NOT fight fire
with fire I really hate my boss with all my heart...I wish she can die or get cripple.. I hate you New phone number...save me some pain and SAVE it please .... cheers!
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