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No description

John Harvey

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of AOI

Areas of Interaction Health &
Social Education Why do we create?
What are the consequences? Human Ingenuity Environments Integrating ideas which:
Bridge teaching & learning
Bridge subject matter
Bridge subjects& life experience Areas of Interaction are: As a lens to explore subject matter
To see connections between subjects
To forge meaningful links between subject content and the real world.
To understand that knowledge is an interrelated whole Using the
Areas of Interaction Approaches to Learning Community & Service Moving from I to WE How do we live in relation to each other?
How can I contribute to my community?
How can I help others? Examine sides of environmental issues
Understand how issues impact on society, ecology and economy.
Explore ways to impact school environment.
Consider the influence of virtual environments on reality. Where do we live?
What resources are needed?
What are my responsibilities? Impact of innovation
Creative thinking, artistic expression and invention.
Throughout time, society has been changed by mans' creative genius Making, physically and mentally healthy life decisions.
Developing a sense of responsibility for own well-being and personal relationships "Becoming Healthy, Happy & Informed" How do I think and act?
How am I changing?
How can I look after myself and others? "Thinking, Inventing & Creating" "Developing appreciation & responsibility" "Learning how we learn" Organisation
Information Literacy
Transfer How do I learn best?
How do I know?
How do I communicate understanding? Guide inquiry and reflection
Inspire the personal project
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